SAP Solution Manager Incident & Change Management in 7.1 version is pretty much complete in terms of providing support to end users.

In order to you these functionalities, all users must have necessary authorizations to get the benefit out of these functionalities.

Authorizations can be checked on SMP or Service Marketplace in the latest security guide.

They can play multiple roles or single role, e.g. IT administrator, change manager, support team employee etc, based upon the scenario.

Further we need to assign the workcenter roles as both are completely workcenter based and we are not using crmd_order transaction to post the tickets.

We can use transaction solman_workcenter in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 to access the Incident or Change Management workcenter directly.

Users having workcenter authorization still faces below error.

“logon is not possible because you have not been assigned to a business role; contact your system administrator”

This screen will appear whether a user is using incident management ticket processing or change management processing interface and therefore we need to assign the business role to this user.

SAP delivered a role SAP_SM_CRM_UIU_SOLMANPRO which can be used or assigned to the user by copying it to z* namespace.

For detail information check the latest security guide on SMP or click below link.

Thus, assigning this role will help you to work further and process the incidents and change tickets in the CRM_UI transaction.

This is a standard business role available for incident and change management ITSM feature but it can be enhanced or customized as per requirement.

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