You want to upgrade SAP Solution Manager from 7.1 to 7.2. Lets get system ready to upgrade

Note: In this scenario My SAP Solution Manager version is 7.1 Support Pack stack 13

Prior start upgrade please look through : SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Content Activation – Solution Manager – SCN Wiki

Lets get ready….

1. Make sure you have uploaded your existing SAP Solution Manager system data to SAP Maintenance Planner

Please go through SAP note below

2002546 CP Direct Upload of Landscape data to customer profile
1.Open LMDB on your SAP Solution Manager (TCode : LMDB)

2.Go to Technical System

3.Open your SAP Solution Manager SID and upload system data to SAP Support Portal sown as below

Solution Manager 7.2 – Upgrade – I – Technical Checks and Preparations

For more information you can look at blog Data and Topology of SLD, LMDB, and Customer Profile – How to Get Reliable Landscape Data in SAP Support Portal as a Basis for Planning

2. Once you have updated your system make sure you have run SAP Maintenance Planner on the system to download and Generate STACK.XML

Solution Manager 7.2 – Upgrade – I – Technical Checks and Preparations

Please go through SAP note below for more information

2271807 MOPZ The Installation Upgrade Package For Add-On SAP_UO rel. 750 is not available

Note: Make sure you added JAVA patches as per SAP note: 2229953 and select Stack 01

For more Information you can look through Maintenance Planner User Guide

3. Download all required files what you added through SAP Maintenance Planner

Once you have it all required files make sure you copy them with JAVA Paches in same folder

4. Uninstall ST-SPA and ST-QCA if they are installed (SAP Note : 2227300 For reference)

For referance you can look at additional SAP notes as below

1863638 During Solution Manager upgrade add-ons ST-PSM get status UNDECIDED
2364204 Additional info about the component ST-TST and ST-OST for upgrade from Solution Manager 7.1 to 7.2 release
2011192 Uninstalling ABAP add-ons

5. Pre steps and SAP notes to follow before you start upgrade

1. Open SQL Mnanagement Studio and run following script on your existing Solution Manager Database

Run SQL SCRIPT (SQL DB only) – sp_addsrvrolemember ‘SAPDB’ , ‘securityadmin’

Follow SAP Notes:

Read each below SAP notes carefully and follow them in to your existing SAP Solman system

1872729 CRM Upgrade Fails with error
1879618 Pre-upgrade measures
1983745 Error in RSD_PREXPRA_TO_740
2039938 Error CL_RSR_GET_CHANMID-02
2176977 Pre-upgrade measures for upgrade/update to 7.4
1872722 Additional information for installation/upgrade of CPRXRPM 600_740
2228062 Update of Introscope JAVA Agent ISAGENT 9.5.6 Patch 0 fails ‘Component sap.com/ISAGENT_MIN_J5 cannot be downgraded’

6. Request to create Technical – User as per SAP note:

2174416 Creation and activation of users for the Support Hub Communication

Link to create user is : https://apps.support.sap.com/technical-user


Note: Make sure you have assigned Super Administrator role to user

After following five steps you will be ready to start actual upgrade work on SAP solution manager 7.1. Once you have done all activities follow my next document to run upgrade.

Thank you for readingYogesh


Solution Manager 7.2 – Upgrade – I – Technical Checks and Preparations

Solution Manager 7.2 – Upgrade – II – Actual Upgrade Process

Solution Manager 7.2 – Upgrade – III – Dual Stack Split

Solution Manager 7.2 – Upgrade – IV – Correction After Dual Stack Split

Solution Manager 7.2 – Upgrade – V – SolMan Support Pack Stack 01 Correction

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