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Now we have SAP Solution Manager 7.2 with Support Pack Stack 01 system upgraded and now its tile to split Dual Stack System before we start using it. Split of ABAP and JAVA stacks is just an effect of the Netweaver release strategy.

Reference : 1797362 – Dual-Stack Split for Systems Based on SAP NetWeaver

In order to split system, we need to use Dual Stack Split tool (SWPM*.SAR)

SAP recommend that you download the latest tool support package and patch level when starting a new provisioning project at: https://help.sap.com/sltoolset -> System Provisioning -> Download Software Provisioning Manager

In my case I am going to execute as below because SAP is recommended to KEEP DB. Moving database is also supported by SAP

For more Information on Dual Stack Split please go through : https://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-25162


Note: Please use this process if you have Central or distributed installation of SAP Solution Manager system


Export Source System

  • STOP JAVA System


          As Result


  • Depend on your option select one. In my case as below


  • Confirm Disable AS Java


  • Take over ICM port (Mostly all 50XXX Ports)


  • SCS Instance Profile parameter


         Note: Restart you Solution manager system after export finish

Install Target JAVA System

  • Select Option


  • Select New SID name for Solution Manager  JAVA


  • Provide kernel: 51049724_10




Adept DB for Target system

  • Select option as below


  • Select profile of your new JAVA System


  • Select existing solution Manager Database


  • Make sure you have follow note

          Replace old DB id with New DB ID in Database


    • When you open config tool you will get message below


    • Change user and password and SAVE settings


                         Note: Whenyou re-open tool you will able to connect database without any error


Install Primary Application Server for JAVA Stack

  • Select as below


  • Profile of your new System


  • Select existing solution Manager Database


  • Provide JAVA DVD : 51050526


  • Select NO SLD (For now and we will configur it later )


  • Reuse ports


  • Prompt for restart


Remove JAVA Stack Primary Application Server

Note: If you have Additional JAVA Application server please remove it first

  • Select as below


  • Select profile of your first solution Manager profile (Dual Stack)


Remove SCS instance from Dual Stack System

  • Select option as below


  • Select profile of your first solution Manager profile (Dual Stack)


Now your system is Single Stack only ????

Hope this document show you guideline to split your Solution Manager Dual Stack system. Don’t forget to read my next document on post configuration after dual stack split

Thank you for reading and comments are welcome.


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