Many of the SAP CRM consultant who are working on SAP CRM authorization must have come across UIU_COMP  authorization object. This object is the major differentiator between SAP CRM and SAP ERP. SAP CRM WEBUI make use of external services of the type UIU_COMP. The visibility of the work centre, logical links, creates, edit, etc in WEBUI pages depends on it. While creating PFCG Role (automatically/ manually) UIU_COMP authorizes UIU component on the base of Component name, inbound plug and component window.

The diagram below shows the relation between Authorization , Business Role and WEBUI.

The Role Menu in PFCG Role shows the list of all the work centre, logical links (which are UIU_COMP links) assigned to a specific business role link generated

Any deletion of any of the links in the role menu will cause deletion of the links in the WEBUI even if the changes are not made in the business role. For example if I delete UIU_COMP_BP_HIER_MainWindow_CREATE from the role menu, the same will be deleted in the authorization objects . And it will be not visible in the WEBUI too even if the same is maintained in the Business role.

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