Step by Step Installation Guide for SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.02

Step by Step Installation Guide for SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.02: From the day SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.02 SP6 32-bit Trial Version is available for download I checked many thread in Forum Software Downloads about the problems most of the friends are facing.

Most of the problems are related to download setup files, Size of the setup files, Error while unzip setup files and Installation. I have Successfully install after downloading and going to share my experience with you friends, hope this will solve out most of those issues and confusions.

First of all I suggest you to Install it inside a Virtual Machine for downloading Virtual Machine Software, Creating your Virtual Machine Installing Operating System and getting ready your Virtual Machine for Setup Check my below Blog.

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1. Download Setup Files

1. Download SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.02 SP6 32-bit Trial Version

 Click here to Download => SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.02 SP6 32-bit Trial Version

Setup Files are available in 2 Parts NWASABAPTRIAL70206.part1.rar and NWASABAPTRIAL70206.part2.rar. Following screenshot is showing the download files in my local system.


Below Screen is showing the detail Properties of the Part1


Below Screen is showing the detail Properties of the Part2


After Downloading Place these two in the same folder and Extract, Below screen is showing the Details of Setup Files after Extract.

Note: there must be no error message while extracting files.


Following is the Root Directory view after UnZip.


2. Download Java

Click here to Download => JRE

After downloading you will see following file on your download location.


2. Start Installing SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.02 SP6 32-bit Trial Version

First of all before starting main installation do some settings like  Virtual Memory.

1. For setting up Virtual Memory Right Click on My Computer and from the appearing window go to Advanced tab like the screen Below. Click on the Settings button shown below.


2. After Selecting the Settings button on window with Title Performance Options will appear, in this window you will see a part with heading Virtual Memory like it is showing in the below screen, Click the Change Button.


3. As we have only one Partition of our Virtual Hard Disk so it will so only one. Select it (C:) and Radio Button Custom size and give 4096 in both Initial Size and Maximum Size text box, now Click Set Button. Now we are ready to Start Setup.

Note: After setting Virtual Memory you may need to restart your system.


4. After doing the above setting run the setup of JRE you have already downloaded. After Start Setup you will see the following window.


5. Read and Accept the License Agreement and Click the Next button as shown below.


6. Leave the Selected features as it is and Press Next Button.


7. From this screen below leave the Check box Checked and go to next using Next Button.





8. Following Screen with Message of Successful installation will appear, Select Finish Button to Complete.


9. Go to the following Path.

Note: I extract it at my Drive C It may be differ in your case go the Path where you Download and unzip.


and Run the Setup using the sapinst.exe


10. Following Initial Windows will appear after starting setup.



11.  After running the setup you will see the following window from where you will have to select the Central System as showing below.


12. After selecting Central System, when you will Click on the Next button following Message Box will appear, from here you will select OK button after selecting this system will automatically log you off and when you log in again setup start again automatically.


13. Log in Again and let the setup again.


Setup will start again Automatically as below.


13. After running the setup again the following window with User License Agreement will appear, Read and Select I Accept Radio Button and Press Next Button


14. Give the Master Password in the below window.

Note: Please note this Password because you will use this password for Login to SAP* or DDIC user and some other purpose too.


15. You may will get the following Message Box, Press the Cancel Button to Continue Setup


16. Following Summary window will appear after above step you can conform selected option for installation like then Press Next for start installation.


17. After pressing the next button Installations will start as shown in the screen Below. Few Screen below are showing the different steps of installation.





The following Step Import ABAP will take a long time to compete so don’t worry. It can take 5 to 8 hours according to your system Specification.


Finally you will get successful installation Message as below. Press OK Button to Complete.


18. You will see SAP Management Console on the Desktop after installation as shown in below screen. Double Click this Icon to open.


19. On the Path selected in below screen you can see all the work processes are in Waiting Stat so you are ready to Log In System.


For some post installation settings Check my below Blog.

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In the above blog you will see login info as

USER Name = BCUSER and Password = minisap

But for this new version the Password is not minisap, you have to login using

USER Name = ddic and Password = 19920706 or the Password you provide at installation time in step 14

and change the password of BCUSER using steps below

1. Go to T-Code SU01 Give BCUSER and Press Change Button as shown Below


2. Go to Tab Login data give new Password in Initial password and Repeat password fields and Press Save button or use shortcut key Ctrl + S


3. Your new Password has saved and now you are ready to Login with


Password = Your New Password you just Save in above screen

New NetWeaver Information at

Very Helpfull



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