Loan and Advances Configuration document

Payroll->Payroll India-> Company Loans

  1. First of all you have to create( maintain) Loan types see table V_T591A

Do the entries of Loan types and click the country assignment for India

2. Then Create Loan Conditions see table V_T506D

We have to Maintain Loans Eligibility Checks and Limits node

before step 2 we have to maintain this node

3. Maintain Salary Components

4. Maintain Maximum Number of Loans Allowed

5. Maintain Loans Disbursement Schedule

NOTE: Now we have to create 2 wage types for each Loan Type

IT0045 is the Infotype for loan and loan repayment

Ex: Car Loan 9CAR


for Car Loan copy two wage types

9PE1 from /LOP Loan payment

9PE2 form /LRP loan Repayment

do same for all LOAN Types…like Housing Loan, Education Loan

now go to PCR XLOZ rule in PE02

Copy it as YLON

under the node /LOP that is loan payment


add 9CAR this is your subtype for CAR loan
under that ADDWTE9PE1 as this is ur wage type for Loan Payment

the same logic applicable for /LRP here u have to keep 9PE2

Check the below screen shot_

Now copy the schema of INLN as YNLN and put this PCR (YLON)


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