Step by step to host your UI5 application in Heroku: If you already have a running UI5 application and uploaded it to your Github repository, it will be very easy to host that application in Heroku with only a few steps.
First you should have registered an account in a free user can create at maxium 5 application ). After registration, create a new application:
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And click button “Connect to Github”,
Click button “Authorize Heroku”:
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Then specify the very Github repository belonging to your github account – this repository will be bound to your Heroku application:
Enable Automatic Deploys so that every time you push your local commit to Github, the change will also be deployed to Heroku automatically.
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Click button “Deploy Branch” to deploy the master branch to the Heroku application:
You can view your application log from this menu:
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You can access my sample UI5 application hosted in Heroku via url:
Step by step to host your UI5 application in Heroku
And my Github repository which is connected to this Heroku application: