Sync Data from MySQL to HANA DB with Pentaho (Part II): This document is for the introduction of the basic function of Pentaho and how to export the data from MySQL and import into HANA Database. Here is Part II.

Create “Table Output” for HANA Database

1. Drag and drop the Table Output component.

2. Create a new database connection for HANA Database. Currently, there is no specific connection type for HDB, so we could use generic JDBC connection.

3. Test the connection configuration.

4. Set the Table Output configuration. We use the table “ORDER_INFO_KETTLE” for data destination.


Use “Select values” to map the data structure of Input and Output.

1. Drag and drop the Select Values component to the design area.

2. Link the Select Values component with the Stream Lookup.

3. Link the Select Values with Table Output.

4. Double click the Select Values component to open the property window. Click “Get fields to select” button to get the fields info from the Stream Lookup.

5. Click the “Edit Mapping” button to map the fields with the Table Output component.

6. Click “OK”.

7. Let the system to “Guess” the mapping.

8. Not smart enough.

9. We made the adjustment manually and click “OK” to close the property window.

Run the transformation

1. Click “Run” button in the design area.

2. The execution window pops up. Clicks the “launch” button directly.

3. After no time, the execution completed.

4. This is the result.



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