Few Post Installation activities once the installation is completed are:

  1. SICK     –     Consistency Check
  2. SE06    –      Post Installation Action
  3. STMS   –      Configure Transport Management System
  4. SLICENSE – Apply License
  5. SGEN   –      SAP Load Generation

These are few general activities as soon as the system is installed. There are other activities along with this, depending on the requirement. Go through the Guides for further information.

System Preparation :


Why we perform system preparation?

  • System preparation prepares the solution manager system for basic configuration.
  • Needs to be performed fully after a new installation or upgrade.
  • Partially after upgrades and patches to update dialog and system users, and assign the appropriate default roles.
  • During this step, the Central Correction Note (CCN) that contains the latest correction is implemented.


Pre-Steps for System Preparation:

Few parameters are to be added to the profile as a prerequisite for the system preparation step.

Refer Note 1582842 : Profile Parameters for Solution Manager 7.1

Make sure that these parameters are added as described in the note, and restart the system. Once this is done, start with System Preparation step

Solman_setup –> system preparation

Create all the users in the Step 1.

Create all the users, give a common password (Preferably, master password given during installation).

Step 2 : Check all the installations done within the system (viz., TMS configuration, profile parameters, license key, service connections etc.,)

Click on execute all, the check is performed automatically

If any step is not executed automatically, then in the navigation column, click on start transaction to perform it manually.


Step 3 : Implement SNOTE. This can be done in 2 ways.

1: Download the SNOTE

Simply click on the start download button to download the required note


2: Manually download the Snote using the transaction code SNOTE

SNOTE->GOTO->Download sap note

Simply click on start download button to download the note.

You can also go back to transaction SNOTE to check if the note has been downloaded.

Import and implement the note Assistant

Simply click on the start SAP Note Assistant button


Manually follow the procedure


Click on execute in the next screen, post processing

Step 4 : Configure ABAP.

  Here the configuration of ABAP is made automatically on the click of the execute button.

Once successfully completed, it will appear on the log

Step 5.1 :Configure Web Dispatcher.  (Automatically performed)

Step 5.2 :Configure Authentication.

Follow the wizard steps

  1. Click on display
  2. start webdynpro
  3. Select performed once done

When clicked on start webdynpro, the following screen appears. click on save.

status performed.

Step 5.3: Creation of Logical ports

Follow the wizard steps

  1. Click on display
  2. start webdynpro
  3. Select Execute once done

Step 6. Prepare Landscape

Step 6.1 : Preparation of Landscape

Select SLD

Follow the wizard steps

Once the server is added as told by the wizard, Click on setup local SLD for confirmation

Click ok, netweaver window is displayed,

Provide user id and password and login.

Provide the passwords

Solman_Admin password for ABAP and J2EE

SLDDSUSER and SLDAPI passwords

once completed, you get the following screen.

Step 6.2 : Prepare outside discovery

Prepare the connection of third party or standalone databases to SAP Solution Manager                    

  (Manually perform the steps following the wizard)

For install diagnostic agent :

Step 6.3: Connect Diagnostic agent

Follow the steps in the wizard

Get Agents

Connect to the DAA agent and wait for some time for it to connect.


Step 6.4 : Configure LMDB

Configure Object Server.

Before this step, perform CIM and CR models update.

Download the latest version from the marketplace.

Note : Whenever you update the CIM models and CR contents, always update the CIM models first and then the CR contents.

link: https://:500/sld/admin/index.jsp)

  To update the CIM details and module

Go to Home –> import.

check the details in Details–> data.

Once Completed, continue with configure object server,

Click on check, when no errors, save & activate.

Wait for LMDB job to complete.

Once the job is completed, Perform the last step.

Step 7: Complete.

Finish .



Few Issues  that were faced by me during system preparation, with solution.


  • Roadmap is not visible when we run Solman_setup

Solution : 1547441 – Flash roadmap for Solution Manager Setup


  • Error while calling Diagnostic Agents In step Configure automatically

Solution : Run the SMDAGENT Script

The Script is :
smdsetup sldconf hostname:”” port:”” user:”” pwd:””

     After the script, restart the DAA server through Management console.

Note: The System preparation steps should be performed only by the user SOLMAN_ADMIN for the operation to be successful.


  • SOAP:1,007 SRT :Unsupported xstream found (“HTTP Code 401: “Unauthorized”)

Solution :    1663549 – Web service invocation problem caused by Unsupported xstream found (“HTTP Code 401 : Unauthorized”) during SOLMAN_SETUP

Also,  make sure that the user SAP_J2EE_ADMIN has the following roles present.


                                        – SMD_ADMIN


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