The future of analytics embedded in the SAP Business Suite: Back in 2013, SAP announced to the market the SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. This launch was a special day in our company’s history and marked the beginning of a new era: the one of true real-time business.

This convergence of transactions and analytics has created an unprecedented opportunity to re-think how we do analytics for the SAP Business Suite.

Real real-time operational business intelligence is now possible.

For business users this means instant access to information; the ability to report, visualize, analyze, run simulations and predict the second the transaction or business event happens, with zero latency.

For IT, this means a simplified BI landscape with less data management layers. Large part of the effort in analytics goes into capturing and preparing the data for analysis, 70% according to a latest IDC survey (*). By bringing OLTP and OLAP together in one platform we can dramatically reduce this data preparation
effort and eliminate the need for aggregates and data duplication.

The future of analytics embedded in the SAP Business Suite

I will summarize our roadmap for embedded analytics for the SAP Business Suite with the following statements of direction:

For customers that are not yet ready to adopt SAP HANA, we will continue to support the BI integration points delivered with SAP Business Suite 7 Innovations (a.k.a. Embedded Analytics).

Customers that are not running the SAP Business Suite on HANA, or SAP HANA Live, can continue to use the embedded analytics capabilities such as ALV reporting, and leverage the pre-built content included in the BI Content Extensions add-on for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse. With the appropriate BI licenses, customers can also modify that pre-built content or create additional content either themselves or with the help of SAP Partners.

Future embedded analytics innovations and any new analytic content development for the SAP Business Suite will be built on top of the SAP HANA Platform.

The SAP HANA Platform not only enables the acceleration of conventional operational reporting but, what is more important, it allows us to go beyond and offer business users a level of analytic insight they couldn’t have before.

SAP HANA Live is the operational analytics engine for real-time business intelligence for the SAP Business Suite. An easy way to adopt SAP HANA Live is through SAP Rapid Deployment solutions (RDS). There are lots of pre-built Line of Business and Industry BI content delivered for HANA Live which is either included in the SAP HANA Live RDS or available for download in SCN.

The future of analytics embedded in the SAP Business Suite

Before the end of the year we will also be able to enrich Fiori Analytical Applications with SAP Lumira content to give business users the most complete insight to action experience.

We are very excited to be bringing real-time analytics to the SAP Business Suite. We have already released a lot of BI content and are planning to deliver much more via HANA Live or tightly embedded in the applications. This is just the beginning of what can be done with analytics on live SAP Business Suite data.

(*) Blending Transactions and Analytics in a Single In-Memory Platform: Key to the Real-Time Enterprise IDC, 2013

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