3D Printing is getting more and more traction across all industries and is now at the edge of crossing the chasm from prototyping in niche areas to mainstream, cross industry application. Here is a set of blogs and articles which clearly attest to this.

Makers shake up Manufacturing

The Top Reasons why the Maker Movement Will Be the Next Renaissance

3 Hidden Benefits of 3D Printing

How 3D Printing Is Impacting Business

Innovative Industrial Applications of 3D Printing in The Digital Economy

3D Printing: Industry Impact Considerations for 2016

3D Printing, A New Asset Network, And Other Business Processes Changing in The Digital Economy

How 3D Printing will energize the chemical industry

3D Printing and its transformative Potential for the Chemical Industry

3D Printers Could Give Miners a New Dimension

SAP has strong ambitions to lead the pack in this rapidly evolving, innovative technology and the following press releases underpin its plans:

SAP Partners with Airbus Division for 3D-Printed Aircraft Parts

SAP and UPS to Simplify Industrial On-Demand Manufacturing Through End-to-End 3D Printing Innovation

Visit SAP’s 3D-Printing Community Page and learn more about SAP’s Early Access Program in the Distributed Manufacturing Initiative. Hear also from top executives how 3D printing will revolutionize manufacturing.

What are your thoughts on how 3D Printing can take Manufacturing to the next level? Join the community and share your use cases with us!

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