Transfer of QM results from Inspection Lot to Batch classification

Transfer of QM results from Inspection Lot to Batch classification: If the general characteristics in the batch classification for a material are linked to inspection characteristics, the system automatically transfers the inspection results for these characteristics to the batch class when you make the usage decision.

1. Configuration Requirement

Activate tick ‘Batch Valuation without material specification’ at plant level setting in inspection lot completion tab.

2. Create Characteristics (T Code; CT04)

General characteristics created in this step which is used in batch classification.


3. Creation of class (T Code: CL01)

Assign the characteristics created in previous step to class at ‘Char’ tab of class.

4. Inspection Characteristics creation with reference to class characteristics (T Code: QS21)

Inspection Characteristics created with reference to respectve class characteristics as shown in below screenshot


5. Inspection Plan (T Code: QP01)

Assign characteristics in quality plan


6. Inspection Lot processing (T Code:QE51N)


After UD is given then result are transfered to Batch and Inspection lot chaged as shown in below image


7. Batch Record

This compelete procedure is used for to copy results from inspection lot to batch classification.



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