TREX Configuration for DMS CW40/2016

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TREX Configuration for DMS CW40/2016: So last week, we had some very interesting notes on TREX configuration which will help for DMS functionality using SAP Enterprise Search functionality.

For example, in case search for object type DOCUM_KPRO_ORIG_VERS does not return any data, you will have to execute some python script to get a list of failed documents as mentioned in note 2374125 – TREX 710:  search in in DOCUM_KPRO_ORIG_VERS  doesn’t return expected results.

Note 2350345 – TREX 710: Indexing for DOCUM_INFO_REC~ connector is very slow or failed will provide you some hints to improve the indexing performance on the ABAP (DMS and Enterprise Search ) as well as on TREX side.

Also starting TREX 710 REV 72, TREX server provides support for SAP conference  languages mapped to english , spanish ,french, german, dutch and Portuguese as mentioned in note 2376684 – TREX 710: texts are replaced in the Enterprise Search scenario

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