Troubleshooting of B1 integration framework: When you are trying to do a test connection of B1DI in the integration solution for SAP B1 -> integration framework and found this following error message: Connect to Business One failed.

(-107) Unable to connect with the specified username and or password

{b1Server=SBOSERVER, company=SBODemoAU, licenseServer=localhost:30000, dbType=6, dbUser=sa, userName=B1i}

if you check SAP note 1619422 – B1ic_Troubleshooting Guide for B1ic Dashboard/Cockpit

you won’t find the error message there.

So, you can try to solve it by updating the password of B1i although it might be entered correctly before the test. That’s what I did and I successful do the ‘test connection’.

After that, refresh the website of integration, and then test connection again.

The error message would not be throwing by SAP B1 again

Good luck



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