Two Minutes to Get Started With Blockchain On SAP Cloud

Two Minutes to Get Started With Blockchain On SAP Cloud: The distributed, secure ledger otherwise known as blockchain, is touted as one of the technologies that can automate the world’s economy for efficient, safe, trusted business in many industries. At SAP TechEd in Las Vegas, I interviewed Torsten Zube, Blockchain Lead at the SAP Innovation Center Network, who demonstrated in this VIDEO how easy the SAP Blockchain Cloud service makes it for developers to create a blockchain and get started using this innovative technology.

Many developers are familiar with ABAP, but may not fully understand Hyperledger environments, which is why Zube said SAP’s approach was to automatically generate an API that allows developers to easily develop blockchain services, and provide an opportunity for developers to co-innovate with SAP on blockchain.

“We are seamlessly integrating blockchain into the SAP Cloud Platform,” said Zube. “All it takes is a few clicks to start a blockchain, drop your own code in the chain, deploy, and it’s ready to run.” “Developers can use the SAP Blockchain Cloud Service from any ABAP system running SAP,” said Zube. “You can start writing blockchain-enabled services and interfaces instantly.”

Finding blockchain use cases Get Started With Blockchain On SAP Cloud 

There are five characteristics of business processes well-suited to blockchain disruption.

“You must have multiple parties who need to exchange and access the same shared data, with many people creating and reading the information,” said Zube. “You also need to have the absence of trust. There are many parties and things in today’s highly interconnected, intelligent network, and blockchain provides the single source of truth as data is shared in that network, providing trust where you don’t know all your business partners. Blockchain makes sense when people don’t want a central party governing the network, but instead everyone creates, owns and exchanges the data in a peer-to-peer process. You also need to have many transactions.”

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