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Here I am sharing a process through which one can use the exchange rate upload methodology instead of using the conventional OB08 TCode.


Step 1: Start transaction Code=TBEX.


Step 2: Check “Market data Selection for new create” indicator for ‘Currencies’


Step 3: Then press button “Create (F9)”


Upload Exchange Rates using TBEX option

Step 4: Then you will get the pop-up asking for Macro enabling;



Click ‘Enable Micros’


Once you enable it, Spreadsheet file will open in the “Spreadsheet” tab.


Step 5: This is vital step where you need to work on the existing template very cautiously.




Keep the data in your external excel file in the same format (i.e. Column sequence).


Step 6: Copy data from your external excel file and paste into spreadsheet in TBEX all data which you wanted to enter.


Step 7: Start “Import Market data (F5)”.



If your data has any error, it will display inside your spreadsheet. Scroll to the fields “Status” and “Error messages” and read them carefully.

Upload Exchange Rates using TBEX option


Correct the inconsistencies, which is highlighted in the column ‘Error message’. If all things are in place, you should not get any error. In that case, status will be ‘OK’ for all lines.


Enjoy..!!!. Feedback’s most welcome.



Syed Zia Abbas

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