This is about the Function module ‘MVER_MAINTAIN_DARK’ and the how I have used it for our project. This FM is used to load the Consumption data of a Material/Plant. And then to use this Consumption data to run forecast in ECC.

Details on how to use this standard function module.


This function module is used to Load historical consumption data of a Material/Plant.

This FM can load ‘Total Consumption data’, ‘Unplanned Consumption data’ & their respective Corrected values.

For example, when we deliver stock against a sales order, system updated the “Total Consumption Data” for this Material/Plant. (For ex: Movement type 601).

During GO live, in the new client/system we will do the data conversion and create Material Masters.

As this master data is new, subsequently we need to upload the Consumption data.

When we initially create a material in ECC for a plant, the ‘Total Consumption’ Field is open for data input.

However, when we upload the data for total consumption, for a single period or many periods, or if we manually enter a value in a period and save, then all the periods of ‘Total Consumption’ will be closed for data entry/upload.



So, ‘Total Consumption’ is available for upload only for newly created materials

Note: if we are not able to upload or cannot upload for all periods, then we can use ‘Corrected Value’ Column to load the consumption data. That’s a roundabout option for closed periods of Total Consumption.


In the FM we have three tables:



AMVEG_UEB is for uploading ‘Total Consumption Data’

AMVEU_UEB is for uploading ‘Unplanned Consumption Data’.

AMERRDAT_F is for Error Messages.

Data Upload:

AMVEG_UEB contains:











Posting Date (DD.MM.YYYY)


Total Consumption Value


Corrected Consumption Value


Fixed value indicator



Period Indicator:

In the Forecasting View, we need to maintain the Period Indicator for Material/Plant, which means, we cumulate all the consumption data for that ‘PERIOD’ and forecast based on those periods.

Period Indicator & Dependency:


Period according to fiscal year variant







Initial value

Note: Check the behavior of the FM when Period Indicator – P is used in conjunction with FY variant.

For other Period Indicators, system used the Calendar assigned to the plant.

Kindly note the Public holidays, and the working days defined in that calendar (either 5 days a week or 6 days a week etc.).

If Period Indicator – M, then in the data maintenance sheet, you can use any date of that month which is not a holiday as per the assigned Plant Calendar. Cumulate all the data of that month and upload.

If Period Indicator – W, then data can be uploaded only on a Monday of the week. That is a cumulated total of that week.

If Period Indicator – T, then data can be upload for any day which is a non-holiday as per Plant Calendar.

If period Indicator – (BLANK) Initial Value, then Consumption data cannot be uploaded/maintained.

Data Maintenance:

Example Data maintenance/upload sheet:




Posting Date

Total Consumption Value

Corrected Consumption Value


Create a Z wrapper program to upload this data.

Advantage of a Z wrapper program is to do a pre validation check on the data being uploaded.

We did a validation based on the period Indicator in Material master, Factory Calendar of Plant & posting date value maintained in conversion file. If any constraint is not met, then we will not upload the consumption data of that Material/Plant at all. And conversion log file provides the details of the error. As per the log rectify the data and try to upload it again.


When you change the existing period indicator, say from W to M, then system will refresh and open the ‘Total Consumption data’ field.

You can upload the data for the new period indicator (say for M) and save the data.

But, if we change it back to W (that means to its pervious Indicator), then ‘Total consumption’ is not going to open, rather it brings back the previously saved values.

So, using this standard function module and limitations, we can upload data in System.

Related Programs:

MVER_DI can be used to upload data.

It uses the above FM (also MVER_UPDATE_ALL), but, has its own limitations/constraints. And data need to be adapted accordingly.

Related Notes:

200547 – Program: Direct input for consumption values

1400249 – MVER_DI: Poor performance for corrected consumptions.


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