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Recently, I needed to upload excel files on HANA but not via the navigation.

Because what I wanted, was to find an automated way to upload multiple files at once.

After lots of searching I figured out that uploading .csv and .xlsx files on HANA through an SQL command required to have access at the HANA Server, which is impossible because I was working with the HCP Trial.

So I had to find a way to do it; And this is what I did.

1) Create an HCP Trial account from SAP HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit and create a new HANA Instance with a name of your choice (mine is called hanaxs)


    When the process is finished you should be able to see this screen (November 2015)

2) Then I connected to the HCP through a tunnel using the Web SDK.

– Navigate to SAP Development Tools for Eclipse and then select for download the neo-java-web-sdk-1.91.9.zip from the Cloud section.

  Once downloaded, you should see a folder with these contents:

   Then holding the shift button right click on the tools folder to open a command prompt. Then, inside the cmd type the following command with your credentials.

neo open-db-tunnel -h hanatrial.ondemand.com -i your_hana_instance_name -a i/c/p/number_at_the_end_add_the_word_trial -u i/c/p/number

Pressing enter you should see this screen where you should type your password:

If the password is correct you have just created a tunnel with the HCP and this is (kind of) what you should see:

You are going to need these info so make sure the tunnel will not close.

(If for any reason, you accidentally close the tunnel you can repeat the process and a new password will be provided to you)

The first part is finished – On the second part we will describe how we will connect to HANA using a node.js script,

Best Regards,

Christoforos Verras

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