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This blog saying about “US legal changes Fiscal year 2017” for Report: RFIDYYWT or Transaction code: S_P00_07000134. Here you can refer latest changes about Adobe PDF Forms and DMEE files for IRS reporting. This blog will be updated with tips and SAP Notes relates this subject


SAP Notes

2477041 – US Legal Change 2017

2522335 – RFIDYYWT:Enable Adobe Forms in Function Module IDWT_DISPATCHER

2508505 – RFIDYYWT: Enabling check for Adobe Forms in Define output group

2536400 – US DMEE File 1099,1042-S- Legal Changes 2017

2554020 – US LC 2017 Multiple issues for IRS Adobe Forms 1099-MISC,G,INT,K & 1042-S

2557860 – RFIDYYWT:US LC 2017 Support for ERP Customers for IRS Adobe Forms 1099-MISC1


Pilot Note

2563059 – RFIDYYWT: Adobe PDF limitations for more than 1000 pages


Knowledge Base Articles

2558091 – FAQs on USA IRS TAX legal change 2017 Part – I

2584220 – FAQs on USA IRS TAX legal changes 2017- Part-II

2577493 – DMEE file for 1099-MISC is not available

2557872 – US ‘MISC Tax Forms’ shows incorrect fiscal year 2016.

1057186 – RFIDYYWT-Country specific info ignored in background run


Additional information

From Fiscal year 2017 SMARTFORMS formats were discontinued.

From Fiscal year 2017 you can use the Adobe PDF formats only.

Three new fields are introduced as of latest format in 1042-S IRS Tax form

  1. Unique Form Identifier
  2. Amendment No. (Length is 1)
  3. “Amended’ checkbox

Maintain “Unique Form Identifier” in Tax Number 4

Need to maintain at Vendor master > control tab> field name: Tax Number4 (STCD4).

Pre-Printed (Suppressed Background) forms have been introduced.



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