Useful feature of new ABAP debugging editor

Useful feature of new ABAP debugging editor: Hello, sure has ever happened to us all that we have lost much time trying to locate a certain point process in SAP standard code where custom code is

implemented either through a routine (user-exit, cmod, badi o enhancement)

There is a functionality in the new debugger that allows us to navigate through the stack and stop at code points depending on certain conditions.

Custom code will always be in any of the packages area of customer names eg Z*

This tool named Debugger Layer has a filter per package.

The first is to change to the new editor if you have the old set.

If you want to have set by default the new debugger must configure it from the menu Tx SE38

We started throwing the debugger /H at the beginning of our process SAP

We make sure that the debugger is active

Press F8…opens the debugger

First active Layer-Aware Debugger flag

We can use Predefined Layer using Debugger Profile. To create or maintain, go transaction SLAD.

But in our case, we only need to break in custom packages, we use the filter package.

We will use these flags if you want to stop the entry and/or exit of our custom code

If you want to reuse the same filter in the future we can record it, otherwise just press ok.

We can see that we select Profile Active.  At any time we can disable it.

and turn it back on by pressing the button

Press the Next Object Set button to navigate to the following custom code that belongs to any of the packages listed in the filter associated with the profile

The debugger stopped at a custom function that belongs to a custom package

In this case it was the BTE 1650 customized where the system allows us to perform additional searches in the process of G/L Account Line Item Display

I think it’s a very useful tool for programmers.

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Very Helpfull



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