User exit for Delivery Challan (Duplicate Entry) in MIGO Transaction.

By Sagar dev


In case we enter the duplicate delivery Challan No from the same vendor in the same physical/financial year, should get error/warning message. In MIGO delivery note not accepted repeated Delivery Challan numbers.

Step by step Solution: 

Go to transaction “CMOD”.

Click On Create Button.

Define Short Text and Package.

Enter Name of an SAP enhancement – MBCF0002.

Click on Components –

Double Click On – EXIT_SAPMM07M_001.

Double Click On include zxmbcu02.

We have to implement the code and it will looks like this.


**&  Include           ZXMBCU02


data: yy(4) type c,

xblnr1 type mkpf-xblnr,

bwart1 type mseg-bwart ,

text1 type string ,

ref_goitem type goitem ,

bwart2 type goitem-bwart,


ebeln type mseg-ebeln.

“pt_goitem TYPE goitem.

if sy-tcode = ‘MIGO’.

yy = i_mkpf-budat(4).

select single mkpf~xblnr mseg~bwart into (xblnr1 ,bwart1 ) from mkpf inner join mseg on mkpf~mblnr = mseg~mblnr and mkpf~mjahr = mseg~mjahr

where mkpf~mjahr = yy

and mseg~lifnr = i_mseg-lifnr

and mkpf~xblnr = i_mkpf-xblnr

and mseg~bwart = ‘101’.

if sy-subrc = 0.

if i_mseg-bwart = ‘101’ .

MESSAGE ‘Deliver No is already exist’ type ‘E’ .



if e_sgtxt is INITIAL.

  e_sgtxt = i_mseg-sgtxt.


*ref_goitem = pt_goitem.


Activate the code and exit.

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