Using a Bin Location Activated Warehouse: It is typical that a bin location warehouse will have a special goods receiving area into which all goods are placed when first received. Usually, various checks will be performed on all goods received before they are transferred into main warehouse storage.

In some warehouses, the receiving area will have its own subset of bin locations. However, in other warehouses, bin locations will only be used in the main storage area but not in the goods receiving area.

How can we set up a single warehouse to use bin locations in the main storage area and not use them in the receiving area?

The trick here is to do enable receiving bin locations, but to disable the restriction to only be able to receive into empty bin locations:

The final task is to then set up one single bin location as a receiving bin locations:

The result will therefore be that all goods received will automatically all be received into the single Receiving Bin Location.  As receipts can be made to bin locations which are not empty the single Receiving Bin Location will end up receiving all receipts and will represent the entire receiving area.

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