Valuation Basis in case of Calendar Days: In standard Wage types in IT0008 Should have Processing Class one as 1,2 or 3

where the result will be the total amount of basic Pay Wage types Divided by number of Hours in the IT0008  (TSDIVP) PCR X013 will have specification as 5 for /001 with rule as below


DIVID ARR  Division amt/no/rate

ZERO= A    AmtNumRteTime = 0

ADDWT *    OT   Output table

IT means when we have 208 Hours in Jan and if we have a over time Wage type which is 100% of /001  It will get some percentage on  208 hours .But , What in Case of Feb it should be  less than 208 Hours  Since working hours for the both the months Jan and Feb will get varies.Ex : Feb 198 so , there will be variation so in that we have to change the RTE in valuation basis from working hours to Calendar days

So , in that case X013 should be like this


ADDWT *    OT   Output table

Please let me know your comments whether consultants are aware of this or not  (This is a Test Document)

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