Visit & Design Thinking workshop INSA Business School Barcelona: On Monday 12th of December, we had the pleasure to welcome INSA Business School Barcelona at our SAP Office Barcelona. 18 international students and 2 lecturers enjoyed a morning full of new impressions and disruptive working methods.

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The morning started with the welcoming of the students and lecturers and the presentation of the busy agenda. Isabel Hoffmann López, Country Manager Spain & Portugal at SAP University Alliances (SAP UA) & SAP Next-Gen, gave the visitors a short overview about the activities and projects developed by SAP UA & Next-Gen globally and in Spain. Afterwards, Morten Andrup, Marketing Director EMEA Commercial Sales, gave the students some insights into SAP Commercial Sales EMEA and shared with them his own journey at SAP.

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After a tour through the 12th floor of the SAP Office Barcelona and a brief introduction into the Design Thinking Method, the students faced their design challenge for the day, which was based on the UN Global Sustainable goal Number 2 (Zero Hunger).

Before starting to work on the challenge, we first did a warm-up game in order to activate the students and build up the three working groups. In this case, the participants had to line up by their day and month of birth without talking to anyone.

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Once we had our three teams defined, the work could start! The first step was understanding the challenge, that is, to make sure that all team members are on the same page and know what the challenge means to them.

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Then, we went over to the research phase, where each working group prepared a few questions they afterwards posed to potential stakeholders for the proposed challenge (in this case SAP colleagues in the office) in order to collect information.

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The next step was synthesizing the input they got from the interviewees and creating a Persona and a Point of View.

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Before going into the two last stages of the workshop, we did a short warm-up to activate the body and the mind and become creative. The students had to pair-up and build paper planes in a team using only their bad hand and without talking. Afterwards we did a short flying contest!

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We spent the last hour of the day ideating a solution for our challenge, drawing action plans and presenting the persona and the solution to the whole group. The groups came up with very interesting and completely different prototypes.

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One of the groups were convinced that the problem cannot be solved by technology as long as the human factor does not realise the problem and decide to act. Once this will happen, it will be easy for companies and technology to create a proper plan to eradicate hunger in the world.

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The second team worked out a solution with which everybody can contribute to reduce the hunger problem globally by, on the one hand, putting the food they don´t finish in special food boxes that afterwards can be carried to the ones that need it and, on the other hand, the supermarkets can donate the products they will not sell and/or people can buy food and put it in the box so it can be given to the needy people.

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It was an intense great day full of new experiences and learnings for all of us.

A special Thank You to Tatiana Belskaia and Stephen Harrison from INSA Business School for their enthusiasm, to Morten Andrup for his collaboration and, of course, to the whole SAP Next-Gen Team!

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Isa Hoffmann