What’s New in 1702 SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer: In this blog I will be covering some of the key features available in February 2017 release of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer for Responsive UI.

Create New Customer/Contact from Value help popup – Service Ticket

  • You can now create a new Customer (Account or Individual Customer) or a Contact directly from the Create Ticket screen in case a Customer or Contact does not exist.
  • This is now possible with actions provided on the value help popups for Customer and Contact. Clicking on these actions launches the create for corresponding objects.

Implicitly remember the last performed SAVE actions on Create

  • System now implicitly remembers the type of SAVE action performed during an object create by the user on a specific device.
  • For example in the Service Ticket create screen, the default action is SAVE. If the user now performs a “SAVE and OPEN” during Ticket creation then the next time the user creates a Ticket (on the same device) he/she will see the “SAVE and OPEN” as default action.

Rich Tech field enhancements

  • Rich Text fields have been enhanced to hide the rich text controls during display mode. These controls are shown only during the field edit mode.
  • For desktop browsers, editing such fields can be done in the field box. For the Extended edition App on tablets and smartphones, editing is done on a full screen popup.

SAP Hybris Signature Menu

  • It is now possible to launch different SAP Hybris applications in a new browser from within SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer application.
  • This menu is launched by clicking on the icon in the top left corner.

Click-to-Navigate for Address fields

  • Click-to-Navigate has been enabled for address fields (Note: where enabled by the application area).
  • Clicking on the address fields launches the native map application on tablets and smartphones. On browsers the address is shown using Google Maps on a separate browser window.

Link to Idea Place

  • Link to Idea Place has been added. Customers can now share their ideas for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer by accessing the Idea Place link from the application.

Recent History (HTML5 UI only) – Additional objects support

  • Recent History on HTML5 UI now supports additional business objects:
    • Visits
    • Installed Base
    • Contracts

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