What’s New in 1711 SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

What’s New in 1711 SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer: With 1711, we released a new beta feature on moving different types of content from development to test to production tenants of C4C, more popularly known as the Transport Management.

A customer would typically have multiple tenants designated with a role e.g. Development, QA, Pre-Production, Production etc. There are different ways of transferring all the content that a developer or a key user creates in the development or a test tenant. You can move the key user changes like page layouts, extension fields, code list restrictions using content transfer by downloading the XML file from the test tenant and uploading it in the production tenant. Similarly, the PDI solution needs to be assembled and downloaded as a zip file from the development tenant and then uploaded to a target (test/production) tenant. Workflow rules, BRF+ rules, analytics content etc. have their own file download/upload mechanism to move the content.

We have released a new feature of transport management to have a one single and simple mechanism to collect all the content that is created during implementation or maintenance of the product, rather than having multiple ways of downloading and uploading the content.

This is a Beta release, so currently only the key user changes are supported, however with upcoming release we plan to include more types of customer content.

With this feature, you can collect all the key user changes created for different UIs in a single transport object in the source and move it to the target tenant. This will significantly reduce the manual effort of creating, organizing, managing and controlling all the customer content. Since, it’s automated process of assembly, release and deployment, it helps reduce errors and redundancy during the deployment.

The below screenshot explains process on a high level. You can also follow the video to understand the entire process.

Since it’s beta release, you can use this feature only in the test tenants and available on request. This function is not available for use in the production tenant. If you would like to activate this function in your test tenants, you will need to create an incident from within the tenant.

Enjoy !!

Gaurav Gera

Disclaimer: This feature is available as a beta version for test use only. It has not been released for productive use. If you activate this feature, you understand and agree to the following conditions: Feature is not covered by SAP support agreements or warranty obligations. Any data loss or damage that may result from use of this feature is not the responsibility of SAP or its representatives. You will not use this feature to process any personal data of end users. SAP may change or remove this function at any time, and it may never appear in the generally available version of the Service.

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