Figure 1: Client Options for S/4HANA

Why SAP Business Client?

WHY AND WHEN TO USE SAP BUSINESS CLIENT 6.5? For new customers, or for SAP GUI customers who want to improve user experience, and provide a single entry point to different SAP business applications and technologies –  here are the main arguments for implementing Business Client 6.5:

  • Use SAP BC on S/4HANA on-premise to use SAP Fiori apps and classic applications. This includes SAP GUI for Windows transactions with a harmonized visual experience via the SAP Fiori 2.0 Belize theme.
  • Use SAP BC if you do not want to lose your classic applications (Web Dynpro ABAP, Dynpro).
  • Use SAP BC if you want to benefit from the performance benefits of SAP GUI for Windows.

When to use which connection type of SAP BC?

Fiori launchpad:

  • Users can consume the Fiori Launchpad as single entry point to access Fiori apps as well as classic transactions and applications
  • Business experts can configure roles on the frontend server.
  • users benefit from SAP Fiori 2.0 features such as the notifications area in the Fiori launchpad and the app finder.

SAP Business Client:

  • You are using Dynpro and Web Dynpro/FPM most of the time, and SAP Fiori apps only sporadically
  • You are already using SAP Business Client
  • You have already invested in hierarchical navigation menus (PFCG)
  • You want usability enhancements: such as Quick Launch / Search / Side Panels

SAP Logon:

  • You are only using transactions and prefer access via SAP BC (in some cases, using SAP BC with connection type SAP Logon makes it unnecessary to provide an additional SAP Logon)
  • You need access to older systems (prior to 7.0)
  • You have not invested in navigation menus in PFCG => only Easy Access Menu

Figure 2: 3 different connection types for 3 different home pages

Link to relevant notes:

Software, operating system and browser requirements as well as restrictions are listed in SAP Note 2227396. Planned release dates for the next patch can be found in SAP Note 2227431.

Link to documentation:

SAP Business Client on SAP Help Portal.

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