When you select a parked document and click on the change document button in T-code: FBL1N, the POST button is disappeared from the screen of parked document(T-code: FV60), and the post option is disabled in the document menu list.


This scenario only happen for following releases

470     From SAPKH47028

500     All Release

600     All Release

and above

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Execute T-code: FBL1N;
  2. Select a parked document and click on Change Document button;
  3. You cannot see the POST button from the screen(T-code: FV60), also post option is disabled in the Document Menu list;
  4. However when goto T-code: FV60 transaction screen directly, POST button is seen.


This is a change in functionality by SAP note 988188.

You have Enjoy (i.e. T-code: FV60 for instance) parked documents. When you call them from FBL1N, you can change document by FBV2, but you can not post from the change mode. You have to use T-code: FBV0 instead. This standardizes the same post process like “traditionally” (i.e. T-code: FB01/FBV1) parked documents.


Use T-code: FBV0 to post document.

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