Workflow, Business Rules, Process Excellence, and now Cloud: Welcome to SAP TechEd 2017, we had very successful events in Las Vegas and Bangalore and will wrapping up in next week in Barcelona.  Please join us as we debut 2 new key PaaS offerings for SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform Workflow – allows partners and customers to build, run and manage workflows, from simple approvals to end-to-end processes that span across different organizations and applications. It will come with web-based tools for workflow modeling, APIs for consumption in custom applications, powerful monitoring tools and a set of Fiori-based applications for end user access. Now customize your schedule for SAP TechEd accordingly to be able to customize your workflow, here are some recommendations to you.

To get a basic understanding, I highly recommend these two lectures, where you get the bigger picture (CPL110) and also some more specifics on the workflow service (CPL111) and after that, enjoy a preview of the upcoming features in the roadmap session (CPL808) led by our CPO for both SAP BPM and SAP Cloud Platform Workflow, Christian Loos. Christian works closely with the product management teams for the SAP Cloud LoB apps to ensure that together we can provide seamless extensions. One real world example you’ll see and develop at TechEd is extending the SAP Success Factors new hire onboarding process to order IT equipment, book travel for new hire training, etc. to ensure the new hire hits the ground running:

  • CPL110 – BPM Services in the Cloud: Modeling, Workflows, Rules, and Visibility – Lecture
  • CPL111 – Build Workflow-Based Applications Rapidly with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow – Lecture
  • CPL808 – Outlook and Road Map for BPM Services in the Cloud – Roadmap

Of course, just to see the new service and listen to our product owners is not enough for you. You need the full experience, so please be invited to our hands-on sessions. Create your own workflow (CPL163) based on the example mentioned above or even go one step further and use SAP Cloud Platform Workflow together with other services (CPL264 & CPL265 – you will love it):

  • CPL163 – Build Your Own Workflow from Scratch with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow – Hands-on
  • CPL264 – Extend Cloud Solutions Using SAP Cloud Platform Integration and Workflow – Hands-on
  • CPL265 – Maintenance Scenario with SAP Cloud Platform Integration, IoT, and Workflow

Probably you want to access the service from a different angle, so then our CodeJam and CodeReview sessions are best suited for you:

  • CPL615 – Add Workflows to Your Application on SAP Cloud Platform – Codejam
  • CPL726 – Enhancing SAP Cloud Integration Scenarios with Approval Workflows – Code review

SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules – is a technology service that translates business decision logic into a natural language that is configurable directly by line of business key users, knowledge experts without IT or developer intervention. It provides solution architects and developers web based tools to model, author and simulate business rules independent of the backend system. Again, let me highlight some of the related sessions you should definitely attend at SAP TechEd.

Let’s start with an overview lecture, okay, it’s not only a “typical” overview session. In CPL112 you will see the power of business rules in general and how this technology will lift your processes & workflows, IoT scenarios and much more to a higher level. Get the complete picture in CPL210:

  • CPL112 – Extending Your Cloud Apps with SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules – Lecture
  • CPL210 – Connect Things and People: Rules and Workflows – Lecture

Once you are done here, please ensure you also “touch” the business rules and create in just 2h your first business rules in the hands-on session:

  • CPL164 – An Application Developer’s Guide to SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules – Hands-on

Interested in more? Yes, you are, so please be invited to CodeJam and especially to our networking sessions and get into a dialogue with our experts on the rules topic:

  • HBD632 – SAP HANA Rules Framework on SAP HANA 2.0 –codejam
  • NET53451 – Transition BRF+ for ABAP to SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules – Networking

We have seen several rules engines at SAP developed by different teams over the years, but now BRFplus, BRM, HRF, and the new SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules have been consolidated within our organization led by CPO Ramana Mohanbabu. Check out his sessions above and blogs to get the most out of business rules, understand the use cases, and share his vision to integrate/aggregate the different rule technologies in SAP with a common meta-model.

These new services represent the culmination of years of know-how, R&D, digital transformation strategy, input and validation from our customers and partners engagements, and a cloud first strategy embracing the principles of multi-tenancy, RESTful services, and naturally SAP Fiori UX.

This SAP Cloud Platform offering will certainly be front and center at TechEd, but understanding the bigger picture gives insight into our development efforts and how you will reap the dividends.

Workflow, Business Rules, Process Excellence, and now Cloud – it’s our DNA – Barcelona Edition