Workflow Trading Contract: During an implementation project on S4H, our team used the GTM (Global Trade Management) solution.

This solution is very usefull, it allows to manage in one place the selling and buying part.
But I am not going to talk about this solution, but rather the part I worked on the workflow for the trading contract approval.
It is my very first workflow on trading contract and I wanted to share the experience.
There is very little documentation on this subject.
This workflow is based on status and a control BADI.


There is a big part of customizing for this workflow.
A special menu is available to access the customizingWB2B_CUS
Workflow Trading Contract
Component Activation
First the components needs to be activated for the workflow to work.


One of the major headache with those status is they don’t work the way they work in Sales (SD) or project system (PS).
We do have Application Status, System Status, Status Type and Status Purpose.
As a consultant, we expect to get those status in JEST but no !!! It is not the case here.
There are incompatibility between these different status but undocumented, so we have to go in a proceed by trial and error.
Workflow Trading Contract
Once those status have been created, they have to be regrouped and some can be linked to workflow event.
Workflow Trading Contract

Status by Group

First thing, a status group needs to be created, where of course you regroup the application status.
The TOBERELEASED event workflow has to be assigned (here to to be validated).
What I have noticed, in cas of a change in the contract after validation, if you wish to restart the workflow then the event has no effect (it did not worked on the application status K)
All the status type have to be assigned or there will be an error.
Workflow Trading Contract

Status control

With this control you will be able to avoid unecessary workflow test, as soon as you make a change with the status, start the control.
Workflow Trading Contract


You’ll find the BADI in the customizing menu. Use the provided help to better understand how it works.
Notice that just above the customising point are for the FIORI application, at the moment when I am writing those lines the FIORI application can only be used on ECC and not on S4H.
I have created a workflow based on a decision task, and a web gui link that allows the FIORI approver to make their decision.

The workflow

Several workflows exist for the object BUS2124.
  • WS03100022 contract release
  • WS03100024 contract change
  • WS03100027  contract display
None of these workflow provided me satisfaction for the contract approval.
So I decided to make my own.


With transaction SWDM, I found to very interesting task.
Workflow Trading Contract
These two tasks after a decision task are the one I need for a simple approval.
Only one issue method ApprovalWithSuccess is a background method but not the standard task.
Workflow Trading Contract
Of course this is a small issue, you only need to copy the standard and flag the background processing.

Workflow builder

My customer requirement was simple only one approval.
Workflow Trading Contract

Triggering Event

The last step to set up this workflow…. Transaction SWE2.
Workflow Trading Contract
So now your workflow approval on trading contract is ready to be started.