A comprehensive, step-by-step guide on How to connect to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 from SAP xMII 12.0.

Step – 1 : Getting the Driver jar file 

a) Download the

*SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC Service Pack 1*

from the Microsoft website. Scroll down and select the mssqlserver.tar file and download it on your local machine.

b) Unzip *mssqlserver.tar *to get a couple of files along with the *msjdbc.tar *file.

c) Unzip the msjdbc.tar file.

d) Go to the folder where you just unzipped the msjdbc.tar file. Find the following files under the lib folder in the same directory :



msutil.jarThese are the files we require.

Step – 2 Uploading and Deploying the files on SAP xMII 12.0 Server 

a) In the SAP xMII 12.0 server go to *System Management->JDBC Drivers.  *Click on *Upload *to upload the driver.


b) On the screen that pops up browse to select the mssqlserver.jar file that you had saved on your machine and click on save. Repeat the same for the *msbase.jar *and msutil.jar file as well.

c) Now select the three files that you deployed just now on the screen and click on the  Deploy button to deploy them. After deploying check that their status has changed to Deployed. That indicates a successful deployment.



Step – 3 : Setting up the connection

a)  In the SAP xMII 12.0 server go to *Data Services->

Data Servers. *Click on New to create a new Data Server.

b) Choose IDBC as the connector.

c) In the configuration screen that comes next enter the following values : 


Name : Give a Name for your Data Server0.1.

*Enabled : Check it to enable this server.

  • JDBCDriver : *Enter!|height=345|alt=|width=454|src=!0.1.

    *ServerURL : *Enter the connection string in this format : *jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://:1433;databaseName= (Note* : Username and Password : Username and Password for the selected Database.d) Click on *Save *to save the Server configuration.

    e) Verify you have successfully connected to the server by clicking on the Status button.


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