As most of you are aware no doubt, SCN is moving to the 1DX SAP Community platform.

As Space Editors / Moderators, we would like to know from you, the community members, how best to proceed, so that all community members (internal and external) can easily find the relevant information.

For this reason, please check out the : SCN Open Beta , …, make sure you understand the new look and feel, and ask any questions/voice any concerns you have there.

SAP BC does not have its own primary tag, I suggest you use the tag “NWBC”. Please let me know if this is intuitive or not.

Please note that none of us is part of the team working on the new community platform so we cannot personally make changes. However, we can work to make sure your feedback is heard.

Thank you.

Julie Plummer

Sandra Thimme

Melinda Ludanyi

New NetWeaver Information at

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