NWBC 5.0 to download

NWBC 5.0 to download: Its so difficult and long to download nwbc from the SAP market site.  Thus I am posting it here for you to download.

Of course, its free and all rights are reserved with SAP AG in Germany and other countries.


On many projects, people do not take time to install it and they use the Gui and type nwbc. Its a shame, please use it. It makes your life easier.

Advantages of nwbc:

-its faster then the GUI browser link

-its more comfortable to move between several tabs

-you can maintain favorites and display FO or FU with one click

-you can type part of the transaction name and it will bring you to the area

-you can move from dev to quality system with one click

Any more advantages ? If I have missed some, please add others.

New NetWeaver Information at SAP.com

Very Helpfull



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