5 Tips for Choosing the Best Espresso Beans



There are a few widely-known methods when making or brewing coffee. Still, espresso is one of the most preferred because it makes the coffee taste better than anything else, and actually, it has health benefits. However, brewing coffee the espresso way could be a little complicated. What makes an espresso good would heavily rely on your preference, so choosing the right coffee beans is crucial. Indeed, you should be particular about that. Otherwise, the taste of your coffee will not suit your liking or will taste terrible.

That being said, here are some helpful tips when choosing espresso beans to make your mornings and coffee taste perfect. 

1. First, you need to decide between the two – Arabica or Robusta. 

Arabica coffee beans are characterized by low acidity. It makes brewed coffee smoother and sweeter with a taste of sugar and chocolate. On the other hand, Robusta is the exact opposite. Robusta coffee beans are those beans that make your coffee bitter and acidic. Now, depending on your preference based on the description of the two, you should select which ones suit your liking. 

2. Select your kind of roast. 

Coffee beans have three main kinds of roast – light, medium, and dark. Light roast creates a bright and smooth coffee and won’t taste bitter at all. A medium roast is one that makes the coffee browner or darker and tastes a little bit toasty.  Dark roast creates the most toasty and bitter flavor and, obviously, a much darker color in coffee. 

3. Select your preferred caffeine. 

As said earlier, espresso coffee would heavily rely on your preference including the amount or level of caffeine. In relation to the previous tip, the level of caffeine is affected by the kind of roast that you have selected. Contrary to popular myth, the darker the roast of the coffee, the lesser is its caffeine content. 

4. Purchase coffee beans from selected and trusted brands and roasters. 

Just like when choosing other products, it’s important that you consider the reputation of the brand because most often than not, it provides quality. The same applies when choosing coffee beans. If you want to know more about the best brands of coffee beans around, check this page for a complete list with in-depth reviews. 

5. Never overlook the roast date of the coffee beans. 

The taste of your espresso coffee is heavily reliant on the freshness of the coffee beans that you will brew. It’s important that you check how many days these beans are from their roast date. Experts recommend using the beans at least five days after their roast date for a richer flavor. Remember, the freshness of the coffee beans is key to making your espresso taste good. 

Final Words 

There you have it! Remember, when making espresso coffee, you need to prioritize your preference in terms of taste. There is no single way of making a good espresso coffee, so you need to have the right coffee beans to achieve that preferred taste. It’s a matter of the right selection to get the espresso taste you’re looking for. 

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