The kindest breeds of dogs in the world: Top 7


Buying a dog is a responsible decision that a person must make based on several facts: the opinion of the family, advice from dog owners or breeders. When a pet is planned as a friend for children or the elderly, the most important criterion is the comportment of the character.

There is definitely no good and bad breeds, embittered at people or endlessly loving. A dog’s character most often depends on upbringing alone, but it can also be affected by heredity or genetics. However, a few dogs can really be considered the kindest.

English cocker spaniel

This breed can be called the most cheerful. They are the soul of the company and are in constant search of companionship with new people and pets. Any “party” can not go without them fun. In addition, Spaniels are very agile, they are ready to play and run all day long, it reflects the hunting instincts that call the dog to action.

The breed is not genetically predisposed to aggressive behavior or dominance. Pets are loyal to people, animals, and fellow dogs. They love children, loyal owners, and prefer to be with people as equals.

Not only English Cockers are good-natured and obedient. All representatives of the group of spaniels are cute, suitable for families with children and the elderly. It is worth noting that the miniature representatives need less physical activity and they are more like gentle toys than faithful brave friends. Either way, Spaniels can be considered some of the kindest and most malleable. Link by

Appenzeller Sennenhund

One of the four mountain Swiss shepherd dogs. The animals are medium in size but have a spectacular appearance and a malleable character. They can be considered rare, especially in the eastern part of Eurasia. Although the pets still have not lost their working qualities and continue to work.

Obedience and non-aggressiveness breed acquired through long interaction with humans, working together in the fields and in the mountains. These dogs can be wary of a stranger, but will never show their fangs. They get along well with other animals: cats, rodents, dogs.

A distinctive feature is considered stability in training. Even a beginner can cope with such a pet. Dogs quickly understand commands, carry them out without stubbornness. The breed can often be seen at exhibitions.

Children are not indifferent to them, they love them, and they consider them an object to be protected. Therefore, they are often used as nannies, caregivers. They can not only protect in case of danger but also help the child not to harm itself. The pranks of the little ones are tolerated, never snapping at them.

Dog owners love these animals for their endless loyalty. It is believed that once they have chosen an owner once, they will never get used to another person.

Basset hound

This dog might be considered the saddest because of its sad eyes. In fact, this creature is cheerful and good-natured, a little lazy, which does not prevent it from being a good pet. Especially the breed is valued in England, its inherent light phlegmatic nature is considered a sign of aristocracy and etiquette.

Dogs are docile, quiet, they are not characterized by bitterness. They treat well even to strangers, easily get along with pets, do not chase the birds and cats on the street. They like children, allow them to prank, never respond with aggression.

However, there may be problems with training, pets do not like to work and obey, quickly forget what to do. Although vindictiveness is also a positive quality.

On the outside, the Basset may seem clumsy and funny. In fact, these dogs are hunting dogs, they can run for a long time, climbing through burrows. Their favorite activity, though, is spending time with family: watching TV shows, playing quietly by the fireplace. They quickly get used to their owners and become permanently attached to them.

Representatives of the breed can be stubborn, but will never snap or attack people. They can be called one of the quietest dogs, which is the key to their docility and kindness.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Dogs are eternal puppies: positive, agile, active, love games, although grown pets are rather lazy. One of the best options for family life, quickly get used to the household, get along with others. Children like, take care of them, are tolerant of pranks and mischief, will never hurt the one who is weaker.

The breed is similar to the brotherhood, but differs by its stronger frame, long thick fur and intimidating appearance. Although appearances are deceptive, because they behave in a family good-natured and easy-going. They are indifferent and tactful toward strangers, but if they feel threatened they will defend the property and the family.

Bernese can be very shy. Often characterized by shyness in front of new people or among other pets. With proper socialization, this character trait does not manifest itself.

Get along perfectly with cats, often allow them to sleep on themselves. They do not react to small rodents and birds, and rarely come into conflict with their fellows.

Despite the fact that up to 3-4 years of age the pet remains a puppy, slowly learning, he is ready to listen and obey his master. He needs affection and praise, otherwise the animal will not feel needed.


The laughing dog. Indeed, the distinctive feature is a gushing laugh. Pets make a sound similar to “ha-ha” while playing or walking.

The breed is considered the most affectionate of the hunting dogs. Bloodhounds are genetically unable to be angry and aggressive, which is very similar to Bassettes, their close relatives. In a family pet is malleable, loving, endlessly loyal to the owners, friendly with others, feel the mood of a man.

Dogs do not dote on children. Never attack people, even to strangers are kind. At cats react calmly, but hunting instinct does not give them a friendship with small animals.

They also look clumsy, because of the specific structure of the muzzle is often drooling and unkempt. But dog breeders consider this feature a cute addition, because the skin folds make the pet look like a plush toy.

Of the negative aspects of the breed are stubbornness and laziness. Animals are not very well trained, they can purposely not follow commands.

Golden retriever

These dogs are always put at the top of lists of the best family dogs. The fact is that this strong and hardy animal has an impeccable reputation. There has never been a single case of a dog attacking a person, besides, Retrievers are absolutely non-confrontational in the company of other pets. They are not aggressive and spiteful even to strangers (not suitable as guards), are always positive, cheerful and ready to play.

For children the dog is the best, because it loves babies and is ready to run with them all day long, but it can also protect them from danger: sharp objects, falls from stairs or into the pool. Retrievers sense a potential threat, react quickly and solve the problem.

Often these dogs are used as therapists and psychologists. Several Retrievers serve at city children’s and adult hospitals, they provide moral care, support patients and their relatives. In addition, the breed has proven itself as a good helper for blind or deaf people, the disabled.

The dogs are intelligent and well-trained. They can still serve their purpose as hunters. They do it just as well as helping the weak.

Saint Bernard

A big dog with an intimidating appearance is actually the kindest dog in the world. Saint Bernards are real heroes. They rescue people from reservoirs, during snow avalanches. Thanks to the exceptional sense of smell, animals can smell people even under a layer of earth or under water. The breed was bred as a rescuer, so it has only warm feelings towards people.

Even the puppies are reserved and obedient. They are easy to contact, quickly adapt. Most often individuals are phlegmatically calm, rarely barking, making noise or running around. Dogs do not bring discomfort to the owner even in closed spaces.

To strangers does not harbor any anger. For the Saint Bernard, all people are friends. These pets are considered full-fledged members of families, they love to spend time with the household, play with children. Despite their size, they treat babies gently, feel their size and can control their movements. Loneliness has a deleterious effect on animals.

Special popularity of the breed was brought by the movie “Beethoven”, where the main role was given to the Saint Bernard. After the movie was released, the dogs gained the status of the kindest dogs in the world.

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