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Since the release of BPC 10.1, we have seen several incidents where the Web Administration links are not working.
The main root cause is the installed BPC version is inconsistent with the installed SAP UI5 version.

Below are some steps that can help check the system if you are facing such behavior:

  • Ensure BPC and SAP UI5 are on compatible versions. Below you can find a table that compares BPC and SAP UI5 versions.

SP00 SP05 SP06 1.16.3
SP01 SP06 SP07 1.18.1
SP02 SP07 SP08 1.20.5
SP03 SP08 SP09 1.22.3*
SP04 SP09 SP10 1.24.1
SP05 SP10 SP11 1.26.1

You can find up-to-date information on SAP Note 2103585.

  • Delete redundant EPM folder. On SAP Note 2053377 you can find detailed steps on how to do so.

    *SAP UI5 team released a new correction for version 1.22 and the correct version now is 1.22.5 (See
    Note 2078274)

    *If you mistakenly install SAP_UI SP12 then you will need to upgrade to BPC10.1 SP05 Patch 3 (NOTE: that SP05 Patch 1 and SP05 Patch 2 are prerequisites.

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