Cat CBD Treats : How To Determine The Correct Dosage


Cat CBD Treats : How To Determine: When you decide that it’s time for your cat to get in on the fun that’s called CBD, you will definitely make the animal happy. Well, okay, the animal might not have a clue about what it is actually consuming, but the point is that the Cannabidiol will improve its health which will, in turn, make it quite happy. You get how the process goes. Perhaps you could use some additional info on how to keep your cat healthy.

Anyway, let us not get off-topic here. You’ve decided to let your feline consume Cannabidiol and you have, obviously, also decided which particular product you want to get for it. I say “obviously” because it is in the title of this article and I am sure that you haven’t opened it at random. Instead, you’ve opened it because you want to give CBD treats to your cat and now you are thinking about one important thing that you need to learn before starting to administer the products.

The important thing I am referring to is the actual process of determining the correct dosage of these treats for your feline. First, though, you might want to get a better idea about what would happen if you ended up administering the wrong dosage. That will further show you just how important it is for you to properly dose this particular product. So, let us have a look at two possible scenarios.

In the first scenario, you could end up giving your cat a lower amount of Cannabidiol than it actually requires. I suppose you can guess what this would lead to. Basically, you would throw your money away while not getting anything in return because your pet won’t get the benefits it needs due to the fact that the dosage you are administering is too low.

You should use the same logic if giving these products to dogs, so here’s a dosing guide that could help you:

So, that was the first scenario. In the second scenario, you could accidentally give your cat too much Cannabidiol, and here is what that can lead to. In short, it can be the cause of certain side effects. Don’t worry, though, those will be rather mild and they will disappear the moment the Cannabidiol leaves the cat’s system, meaning that they are temporary and not harmful in the long run. Usually, the side effects include nausea, vomiting, and sleepiness.

Even though the side effects are mild, you certainly want to avoid them. And, you definitely want to avoid the idea of wasting your money on a product that won’t work due to the fact that you’ll administer an extremely low dosage. The bottom line is that you need to administer the correct dosage and the time has come for you to learn how to do that. So, if you continue reading, you will learn exactly how to determine the right amount of CBD treats for your cat.

Check Cannabidiol Concentration

The very first thing you need to comprehend is that not all the CBD treats you can find on the market will be made the same way. This means that they will differ in the amount of Cannabidiol contained inside, in addition to some other ingredients. While worrying about the other ingredients is important when you want to buy a completely natural and safe product, worrying about the Cannabidiol concentration is important when you want to dose the product correctly.

The more of this substance is found in the CBD treats, the stronger their effects will be. So, in simple words, you can find both stronger and milder products when looking to buy them. And, you definitely want to know their strength, as that will determine the amount of treats you should administer to your cat.

Consider Your Cat’s Weight

Apart from checking the concentration of Cannabidiol, you should also carefully think about your cat’s weight. It goes without saying that smaller and lighter animals will require a lower dosage of these products in order to get the desired effects. Using the same logic, you understand already that those animals that weigh more will require a higher dosage. Now, cats can vary in weight, which is why it is important for you to be aware of at least the approximate weight of your feline if you really want to be sure that you’re giving the right amount.

Think About What You’re Trying To Treat

The third important factor that you should consider is your very reason for buying CBD treats in the first place. If you visit Holistapet, you will get a better idea about what this product can treat, i.e. about those reasons why you might decide to buy it. Now, it should be clear to you that different types of medical conditions require different amounts of Cannabidiol in order to be treated. After all, you cannot treat mild pain and severe anxiety in the same way, for example.

Simply Read The Label

The above tips are there to teach you how to manually determine the correct dosage of CBD treats for your felines, but there is another thing you should know. Basically, all the products you buy will have a label and those labels will usually contain instructions regarding the dosage and the proper administration. So, make sure to read those before starting to give these products to your cat.

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