Crystal Reports 2011-> Group Data continuation message: In a scenario where there is a grouping within the report and the group data goes beyond one page, and the user wants to display message at the bottom of the page

“Data continued on next page” can be achieved by creating following formula within the report:

1) Create Formula#1 (Name it as T1) and place it on the group header and suppress the formula T1 placed on the group header:

BooleanVar var_continue:= True;

2) Create Formula#2 (Name it as T2) and place it on the group footer and suppress the formula T2 placed on the group footer:

BooleanVar var_continue:= False;

3) Create Formula#3 (Name it as T3) and place it on the page footer and do not suppress the formula T3 placed on the page footer as it contains the continuation message:

BooleanVar var_continue;
if var_continue
then “Data continued on next page”
else “”
Hence the continuation message will be returned by the formula#3 (T3) if the group data exceeds more than one page.

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