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Cube compression is not happening?

It will be because of Data mart issue. To know more please check below.

  1. Check entry for cube in table : RSMDATASTATE

If upper limit and lower limit for data mart fields are non zero, then this means that the request above lower limit request ID is not updated to the target because of which it is not compressing.

To find out where it is not compressed display data in table : RSSTATMANREQMAP

Here pass selections as:

Pass request id’s in SID field as shown and cube name in Data source field and execute.

Sort with DTA_DEST field, there will be a object which has compressed request loaded but the uncompressed request not yet updated in it.

In this document I have cleared object names. However in field DAT_DEST you will find corresponding Data Target name and its type.

You need to run the delta init for this object from the source and then check compression. Post delta init check entry again in table RSMDATASTATE , if it is zero then you can go ahead with compression else repeat the same procedure again.



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