4 Tips for Designing an Effective Business Card


In this constantly evolving digital era we live in, business cards might seem like a thing of the past. But you will be surprised to know that company cards are still a pillar for sharing the word around in the business world, and If you’re not using them, you could be hugely missing out.

Of course, business cards are not created equal, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Most average businesses get already-designed cards from online printers and just slap their name on them. 

But these cards typically are low-quality and uninteresting, which makes them end up a the bottom of a trash bin before ever being used for their purpose.

Your organization needs to create an original and fantastic design, making you stand out from your competition. Here are some tips and guidelines you can follow to achieve success with your business card.

Find a Template that Targets Your Audience

The primary goal of a business card is to attract and target individuals interested in your particular niche and convince them to purchase your products or services. Choose a design that reflects you and everything about your business; think of it as a visual description of your brand.

Companies can choose from an endless number of different business card design choices, but if you have an innovative idea, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. Some popular design options include:

  • Clear/Transparent Cards
  • Frosted Business Cards
  • Metallic Business Cards
  • Embossed Business Cards
  • Die Cut Business Cards

Include the Essential Details

Remember not to bombard your business card with unnecessary details. Make sure the information on the card includes just the essentials. This means your name, title, brand name, address, website, email, phone number, and company accounts on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Consider incorporating a QR code as part of your business card. People can easily scan QR codes with a single click of their device, and adding one to your business is a great way to send consumers directly to your website or product store.

Make it Easy to Read

Including your contact details and important information regarding your business won’t help customers reach you if they aren’t readable. If you have to display a lot of information, be sure to keep the text size large enough to read without difficulty. The font you choose also needs to be simple and easily understandable.

Proofread to Avoid Mistakes

Finally, after it’s all complete and you’re happy with the finished product, it’s time to print them out. People frequently make a mistake during this step: getting too excited and printing the cards out before proofreading first.

There’s nothing worse than opening a fresh batch of cards you worked so hard on but finding out there’s a typo on it. Before you place an order for your business card, have your friends and colleagues take a look at it if there’s a spelling mistake or an error that you couldn’t notice.

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