Div/0 error is one of the most common errors in Web Intelligence reports


This error is related to the measure objects, so is visible only in measure columns or where calculations are used i.e. divisions


This error is thrown when one of the measure values is divided by another measure value where the value of Denominator is zero.  Reason being simple as it is not possible to divide any numeric value by zero Web Intelligence throws the error when you force it to calculate it.


How do we resolve this?


If you are aware that your DB measure column has zero values, you can avoid this error at the report level by checking for zeros in Denominator before division calculation, as shown below


=IF (Denominator = 0) Then 0 Else (Numerator / Denominator)


An alternative more generic method but not directly related to Div/0 can also be used, i.e to check nulls and error to avoid any error


= IF IsNull(Denominator) Then 0 Else (Numerator / Denominator)


OR to check any error


= IF IsError (Numerator/Denominator) Then 0 Else (Numerator / Denominator)


IsNull and IsError are Boolean functions and returns 1 or 0 depending if the value is true or false respectively

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