When you compare the balance between cash apps, for example Cash Position Details, and G/L account balance, there might be difference, here are some of the reasons for your reference.

You can refer to below blog to understand what the actual bank account balance in new cash management is, which will also help you to identify the gap.


there are three major types of root causes:

Difference by nature of design

  1. Bank statement items that are imported but not posted, to get expected cash position in time manner, instead of relying on FI postings, new cash management takes the bank statement items which are imported but not posted into account, which are not considered in G/L account balance.
  2. Value Date and Posting Date, to provide balance in cash management view, cash apps show the balance always in value date (although the posting date is also persisted in One Exposure from Operations), and G/L account balance is reported on posting date (accounting view), since sometimes, posting date could be different from value date, which makes the gap also possible.
  3. Bank account currency and G/L account currency, cash apps report cash position in bank account currency, if transaction currency (document currency) is different from bank account currency, system converts the amount with the exchange rate 1. rate in corresponding document if bank account currency is same as local currency 2. Today’s effective rate maintained in system if bank account currency is different from local currency. While G/L account balance reports on G/L account currency, which is not always the same as bank account currency (there is no system check for this).
  4. If there are accounting documents have been archived (and deleted from BSEG table), so cash position cannot get all required actual cash flows from accounting documents, it is mandatory step to initialize the bank account balance first (FQM_INIT_BALANCES – Import Initial Bank Account Balances). G/L account balance already has the balance carry forwarded.
  5. Reversed/reversal documents are not integrated to FQM_FLOW, but they are part of G/L balance (usually, there are two documents with opposite direction of cash flows). This especially matters when the reversed and reversal documents are in different periods.

Difference because of missing/incorrect configuration

  1. If you compare the balance between G/L account and BAM account, you make sure all cash flows on this bank account having information of BAM account, you can do so by making sure FI always provides bank account information or populating the bank account information in cash management side (SAP KBA – House bank (HBKID) and Account Id (HKTID) is not update in table FQM_FLOW (One Exposure). However, it is not a problem if you compare balance also in G/L account view in cash position.
  2. If you find the balance is zero in cash position, usually, it is because that the corresponding accounting documents are not integrated to One Exposure at all, and the root cause is the bank G/L account is not recognized as bank account by standard logic (please refer to the help of IMG activity Assign Flow Types to G/L Accounts). If you don’t want to change G/L account master data to meet the condition, you can use the same activity to assign correct flow type to the G/L account (900006 or 900008). After this, you need to rebuild the flow type in BSEG and rebuild the flows using flow builder.
  3. Please check whether there is situation that the same G/L account is used by different bank account, for example, reused the G/L account in bank account master data, or misused the bank account in manual posting etc
  4. System (FI flow builder more specifically) checks IMG Define Default Liquidity Items for G/L Accounts whether there is overlap of definition, for example, G/L account 1000000 is defined in two lines, flow builder cannot handle such case and will throw the flows on G/L account 1000000 away, this will cause the inconsistency on account 1000000.
  5. In case you compare the balance of FF7AN, it is also important to populate the planning level for all relevant accounting entries, that you need to first rebuild planning level for legacy accounting documents with tool Rebuild Planning Levels, Groups, Dates in Accounting Documents.
  6. Incorrect reverse/reversal relationship in accounting, if there are documents with relationship: document A is reversed by document B, and document A is reversed by document C later again, usually it should not happen (system will raise error message to forbid this), but it can happen with workaround. Since the design of flow builder is none of reversed/reversal documents will generate flow in FQM_FLOW, thus, document A, B, C are not in FQM_FLOW, while the balance in accounting is not zero, which cause the inconsistency between G/L and Cash.
  7. Even if there is house bank account information in accounting document, this doesn’t mean cash flow in FQM_FLOW can have bank account, system cannot derive bank account (new master in BAM) from house bank and house bank account if the value date is not within the validity period (connectivity path in BAM master data). And it would be also the case that house bank account is not migrated successfully to BAM account.

Difference because of product issues, you can search all relevant notes in application area FIN-FSCM-FQM, for several examples:

  1. 2462154 – FI Flow Builder: Extend Tolerance Difference Amount
  2. 2484715 – FI Flow Builder: Rounding Is Not Made Up Correctly
  3. 2487202 – FI Flow Builder: Incorrect Amount Because of Connectors Missing
  4. 2489391 – FI Flow Builder: Improve Amount Verification
  5. 2491775 – FI Flow Builder: Exclude Sample Document
  6. 2494476 – FI Flow Builder: Improve Handling of Foreign Currency Clearing
  7. 2496703 – FI Flow Builder: Build Partial Payment Only in One Direction
  8. 2498546 – FI Flow Builder: Clarify Start Items
  9. 2500862 – FI Flow Builder: Incorrect Amount Sign of Partial Payment
  10. 2478112 – FI Flow Builder: Reduce Rounding in Flow Splitting
  11. 2507810 – FI Flow Builder: Improve Merge Tax Item
  12. 2514508 – FI Flow Builder: Improve Merge Tax Item – Part 2

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