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a longer time ago I introduced a method here, how to call DLL functions from ABAP.

With the same library is it possible to do the same inside SAP GUI Scripting.

The library is named DynamicWrapperX, it is free and you find it here. It allows to call functions exported from DLL libraries and especially from the Windows API. DynamicWrapperX is primarily designed to use it with VBScript, so it is an ideal companion to SAP GUI Scripting.

Here an example how to use OutputDebugString:

'-Begin----------------------------------------------------------------- Set DynWrapX = CreateObject("DynamicWrapperX") DynWrapX.Register "kernel32.dll", "OutputDebugString", "i=s" DynWrapX.OutputDebugString "This is a test" Set DynWrapX = Nothing '-End-------------------------------------------------------------------

It is very easy to use DynamicWrapperX. Define the input and output parameters at the registration of the function and then call the function with the arguments. OutputDebugString is one of my favorites, because it helps me, during the development process of a SAP GUI Script, to monitor variables with DebugView.

With DynamicWrapperX you can use DLL functions in your SAP GUI Scripting code very easily.


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