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Last month, our customer gave us a request – “they wanted to see Time Recording assignment of their Key User screen“. It sounds easy and in your mind, you think that it’s very logical requirement, customer want to see Time Recording for each ticket, so they could manage the effort for their requests which had been sent to VAR, what they are paying for.

As usual, users used Personalize button for editing default Work Center page of their own and they just need to be assigned by right authorization. Such as with this case, authorization object SM_TIMEREP need to be maintained under Key User roles. But the issue is even I maintained that authorization object in Key User roles, there are no Time Recording assignment block is available for assigning to Key User from Personalize. So, what’s the issue really?

I have try a lot of things, such as mixed roles between Processor and Key User, to find exactly which role responsible for Time Recording assignment block. But all combinations are failed, there are no specified roles for Time Recording assignment block, but Business Role SOLMANPRO. And follow SAP standard, we could not assign Business Role SOLMANPRO to Key User.

It’s really a big challenge, but fortunately, SAP has provided us a useful tool to customize Work Center Page based on build-in UI Component. You can use that tool via Tcode BSP_WD_CMPWB – UI Component Workbench.

Now is the time to identify which UI Component is being used by Key User when they open a ticket.

1. Logon to ITSM under Key User account and open a In-progress ticket. Why? Because you cannot edit a Confirmed ticket, and you cannot identify UI Component if you cannot edit a ticket.

2. Click Edit, and put cursor in any box.


3. Press F2 and a Technical Data windows will appear. Pay attention into UI Component field.


Now you know, the UI Component is being used by Key User when they open a ticket is AIC_IM_REQ_H.

Similarly, I logon as a Processor, open an In-progress ticket, edit it and press F2, I know the UI Component is being used by Processor when they open a ticket is AIC_INCIDENT_H.

Now it’s time we start cooking.

Run tcode BSP_WD_CMPWB, and open UI Component AIC_IM_REQ_H.


On the left, expand Views folder, you could see 2 views are listed down.


And they have different purposes:

  • AIC_IM_REQ_H/IncidentHeaderEF: it’s corresponding with Summary area on the screen when you open a ticket under Key-User. It contains all information about ticket.


  • AIC_IM_REQ_H/IncidentOV: it’s corresponding with the whole page when you open a ticket, included 3 areas as below.


Now double click on AIC_IM_REQ_H/IncidentOV, choose tab Configuration on the right. Sometimes, you will be asked to logon.



This tab will show you an overview about the screen that users will see when they open a ticket. With every field has its own properties, you not only can marked it as Mandatory, but also disable it from editing. It’s up to your requirements.

You can see Available Assignment Block area, this area will contain all assignment blocks that could be assign more to Work Center Page. If there are any assignment blocks are not showed here, means it’s not belong to Standard Configuration.

There are no UI Component AIC_IM_TIMEREP listed in this area, means Time Recording assignment block is not included in Standard Configuration of ITSM for Key User interface.

Basically, Work Center Page is an HTML page, means you could customize it by changing tags inside it, that’s what I am gonna do, copy tags related with Time Recording block from UI Component AIC_INCIDENT_H to AIC_IM_REQ_H.

Use SE80 to open BSP Application AIC_INCIDENT_H


Expand “Pages with Flow Logic


Double click on Repository.xml and choose tab Layout in case it’s not opened as default.


Search in the content, and find all tags related with AIC_IM_TIMEREP. We will see some tags as below:







Copy those tags to Notepad or anywhere to backup. Now using SE80 to open BSP Application AIC_IM_REQ_H and also expand Pages with Flow Logic, double click on Repository.xml file and choose Layout tab.


We copy all tags that we have copied from AIC_INCIDENT_H before to right places in this file.


Note: should pay attention on the name of UI Component AIC_IM_REQ_H and AIC_INCIDENT_H, we should replace AIC_INCIDENT_H with AIC_IM_REQ_H if it’s mentioned in any tags before paste to the file.





Now click to Activate to apply changes to Repository.xml and activate it.


You could be asked to identify the TR for this change.


Going back to UI Component Workbench and open AIC_IM_REQ_H, choose view AIC_IM_REQ_H/IncidentOV.


Now Time Recording block is listed on Available Assignment Block area.



To assign it to one Tile (a definition about an area on Work Center Page of Key User), we just drag and drop it to that Tile. And don’t forget to edit the Title for it. In this example, I assign it to Summary Tile.


Now Work Center Page of Key User has Time Recording tab


In this tab, if Key User has authorization to see Time Recording of everyone, they could see Time Recording of the others.


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