How to Make Your Electronic Signature: the Process



An electronic signature or digital signature greatly simplifies the management of the remote business. Today’s digital reality enjoys daily technological updates, which give a large number of opportunities for the remote format of work. The emergence of electronic documents, first of all, greatly simplifies the workflow within companies, both directly in the office and within the network.  

Digital documentation helps with the formation and signing of contracts and agreements online. Previously, this procedure used to require the obligatory presence of the parties. All digital documents signed with a qualified electronic signature are legally equivalent to legally significant. It means that an electronic signature may be used both for personal identification and for ordering and execution of various services. The innovative presentation of this issue significantly solves the issue of mobility: there is no longer a need to go on long trips for the sake of one single signature.

Online Signature: What is It About?

The electronic signature is a modern alternative to the signature made by hand on paper. The only major difference is that the user can draw an electronic signature on all digital devices: smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The created signature is kept by the owner and can be used in the future to sign necessary documents. 

The online signature has a form of a file that was created by means of cryptographic transformation of information. Such a file has a special individual electronic key that is created especially for a signature owner. It is important to note that all information in the electronic signature file is encrypted. The file with an electronic signature is written to special storage, and in case of its loss, you can make a new signature.

Why is It Important to Create an Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is needed to authenticate the owner’s identity on various online platforms and to sign documents in electronic mode. In most cases, government officials and businesses need electronic signatures. Government officials can submit electronic income tax returns in this way. Business owners can submit tax returns to the official website of the country’s fiscal service, and sign various documents and deals. 

Electronic signature software will be a useful feature for those who are engaged in tracking and collecting documents, and managing a company, as well as for paralegals, judges, attorneys, etc. It is not difficult to find a platform for creating a digital signature, however, it is another matter to make sure that this signature has some value and that the process of generating it is simple and straightforward. 

Today’s realities are such that a simple application to create an electronic signature is no longer enough. The availability of additional advanced features, such as the legal value “before” and “during” the creation and sending of the signature in the work documentation, the speed and convenience of the end use, the availability of analytical tools, and so on, play a big role in the choice of the source used.

Another advantage of an electronic signature is that there is no need to visit offices and wait in queues. 

How to Choose Software for Electronic Signature

PandaDoc is a platform for creating electronic signatures. It hosts a considerable list of integrations. The functionality includes products by Google, etc., the ability to track documents, as well as a drag-and-drop interface. Users note the high quality and efficiency of the integration, analytical capabilities, and ease of use, all of which combine to save users significant time.

If we summarize all the activities of the platform, PandaDoc is multi-purpose software. The following functions can be implemented here:

  • Automation of document circulation, which makes the creation process easier;
  • Approving and offering of electronic signatures;
  • Proposals and contracts.

This is just the basic functionality that is available in the free service mode. To collect electronic signatures from each plan on the official web page at, the signing processes are automated and high-quality customer service is guaranteed for the contract signing operation on any gadget.

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