This blog explains 3 simple steps to upload the Text ID’s and text lines through LSMW without using ABAP programme.

We use BAPI’s for uploading Master data ( e.g Rental Objects, Real Estate Contracts etc ) in Flexible Real Estate Management ( RE-FX) Module. For example, for creating Real Estate Contracts, we use Function module “ BAPI_RE_CN_CREATE” with ALE message type “BUS1505_CREATE”.

Supplementary text data poses a problem during the Upload. Supplementary texts are nothing but Text lines created for User defined text IDs, managed in SAP as Text Modules. The below figure shows the Supplementary texts in RE-FX Module.

 Supp Text 52522 2616524 Figure-1 : Supplementary text in RE- FX contracts

BAPI’s do not support uploading of Supplementary text. SAP also confirmed that neither BAPI nor any standard programme supports the functionality and ABAP programme needs to be developed .

In case only one Text ID is to be uploaded , LSMW works as expected without any issues. But the issue arises with multiple Text IDs . After exploring into the behaviour of the system during upload, we evolved a simple methodology to resolve the issue.

I will illustrate the methodology briefly, with an Example.

Suppose, there are 3 Text ID’s to be created with Text lines in each Text ID. They are

Text ID

ACT Activity type
REM Remarks
MISC Others

The logical steps for uploading are as below:

  1. Create as many LSMW Projects as the number of Text ID’s, in our case we  have to  create 3 different LSMW projects with batch Input recording.
  2. The order of the LSMW uploading will be in the descending order of the Text ID’s. In the above case, the order is as follows
    1. REM
    2. MISC
    3. ACT
  3. Upload the texts one after another in the same sequence into the System as explained in step 2 above As at one time, only one Text ID can be uploaded.
  4. All the texts lines will be correctly uploaded into the system.
  5. The logic for the above process is, while recording, you notice that SAP system does not recognize the Text ID while saving the text. It will simply write the text line into the First Text ID. ( You can notice this while processing the Batch input session in Foreground )

So the best practice is to create the Master data using BAPI, then to upload the Text ID’s as explained in the above in RE-FX Module …

This logic will apply to all Text ID’S across all Modules, unless there are other complications. I have used an example with RE-FX module for illustration.

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