In addition to using Lumira Discovery, I finally joined Stephanie Evergreen’s Data Visualization Academy.  I was on a waiting list – not for sure how long, and then the other week I received the email that I could join.   I am at “Ninja level 1” in the academy.

So I thought I would put what I learned using Lumira Discovery and our ASUG BI webcast statistics as of September 30th.  This also helps as we are conducting survey to plan for 2018 (please take the survey, we will provide random prizes).

Stephanie says “default colors cause confusion and make you look like you are well, default..”.  Okay, I am guilty of this, so I am trying to fix that now.

Lumira Discovery Helping Analyze #ASUG Webcasts

Above is online registration by our Special Interest Group, with our Analytics SIG having the highest.  Stephanie said we need to write a complete sentence in the title, with a period.  I don’t think the images are showing as nicely as they could on this site.

Lumira Discovery Helping Analyze #ASUG Webcasts

Our average webcast by SIG IS shown above, with Analytics being the highest.

Lumira Discovery Helping Analyze #ASUG Webcasts

SAP speakers have provided the most webcasts so far this year with 32 webcasts given.  This is interesting as preliminary feedback on our survey shows that “we offer too much customer content”.

Lumira Discovery Helping Analyze #ASUG Webcasts

June had the highest registration so far this year

Lumira Discovery Helping Analyze #ASUG Webcasts

May had the highest online attendance, which is interesting as that is the same month as ASUG Annual Conference/SAPPHIRENOW, and we do not hold any webcasts on conference week.


Lumira Discovery Helping Analyze #ASUG Webcasts

More high level stats are shown above.  We are lower than previous years, but I am hoping the next few months we will see more attendance.

Now this chart is not from Lumira (it is not possible using that tool) so I had to use another tool to do it:

Lumira Discovery Helping Analyze #ASUG Webcasts


So 16,616 clicks with 9,434 registered and 4,919 attending; that is a 52% online attendance rate; I think the industry average is 40%.  The key (if I could drill down into the data) is to learn how to convert the clicks into registrations and better attendance.


ASUG BI Webcast Recording List

Upcoming Webcasts:

Analytics SIG


  • Oct 24 SAP Cloud Platform Predictive Services
  • Oct 26 Overall SAP Analytics strategy and direction 
  • Nov 20 What’s new in Analysis Office 2.6?
  • Nov 30 Refresh Expert Streams on Predictive Factory
  • Dec 12 Best Practices for Automated Analytics

Dashboarding SIG

  • Nov 9 What’s New in SAP Lumira 2.0


Enterprise Data Warehousing SIG

  • Nov 28 – Introduction to SAP Data Hub 
  • Dec 5 – Update on Conversion Tools for SAP BW/4HANA

Reporting SIG

  • Oct 31 What’s new in SAP BI Mobile and Roadmap
  • Nov 2 Idea Place Product Session Migration and the New Customer Influence Continuous Influencing Process
  • Nov 7 Cross-Solution Analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Nov 14 Semantic Layer: multisource universes
  • Nov 16 Semantic Layer; Linked Universes
  • Nov 21 The Perfect Incident

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