Introduction :

Masthead is the portal header area and entry point to the portal.

It contains branding elements, user identification, links such as Help, Personalize, and Log off.

It can be modified to fit a company requirements.


According to project requirement we have to modify SAP delivered code. One example is Modify and create a new portal masthead. To customize Masthead in NW Portal 7.3 we have following steps:

  • Identify the EP component (that is, WAR file) that needs to be modified.
  • Download that WAR file from Server.
  • Rename the WAR file to customer namespace.
  • Import the WAR file into NWDS and modify the appropriate code.
  • Upload and deploy the WAR file into portal.
  • Create new iView based on deployed WAR file.

Above steps are discussed here in detail with some screen shot.

Step 1: Download  from  server this WAR File:

Step 2: Download from server these  JAR Files:

  • common.jar
  • prtapi.jar

Notice: Most of them you will find in following path:

Step 3: Open your NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS)

Step 4: Import the WAR File
In NWDS: File -> Import and choose your WAR File

Step 5: Open in NWDS the JAVA EE perspective.At first you find errors in HeaderIview.jsp & Light_HeaderIview.jsp files.

Step 6: To fix these errors you have to config your build path and import the JAR Files

  • Right click on your import WAR file and choose Build Path -> Configure Build Path in context menu.
  • Choose tab/register libraries and click button Add Jars…
  • First of all choose the private JAR File
  • Path: WebContent/WEB-INF/private/lib
  • Switch tab/register Order and Export and set a flag on JAR File.
  • Next import your JAR Files into your web module.

Step 7: Select all JAR Files on your file system and paste the files into the lib folder.
Right click on your import WAR file and choose Build Path -> Configure Build Path in context menu. click button Add Jars…and add all JAR Files from lib.

Step 8: Make your changes in jsp files according to your need.

Step 9: Save your file.

———————-Now File is ready to deployment—————————


Following steps are needed to deploy an EAR file through NWDS

Step1 : Creating SAP system

  • Go to management console perspective->right click on sap system->new sap system

–>Give Host Name :

–>Instance Number:

–>and click on OK.

  • It will ask for OS logon JEE Host ID and password. After giving Id and password system will be created.

Step 2: For deployment we export our web module as WAR File.

  • Right click on your web module and choose Export->Export as WAR File.
  • Right click on ear project and export->SAP EAR
  • Right click on EAR file just now created and select run as->run on server

  • select SAP Server and click on next.
  • select project name and click on finish it will ask for connecting SAP JEE Engine
  • connect with it and click ok. Deployment is started and one successful msg comes up.

Now it will be deployed.

Create Masthead iView

  • Go to  Portal Application (it will shows all apps under that folder)
  • Select app you want create iView
  • Right click on the iView
  • click on copy
  • go to Portal content select folder and Right click —>Paste As PCD objects

Modify the properties according to yours need and test it.

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