Hi Guys,

I have started working with design studio 1.2 after been working with previous version of Design Studio-1.0/1.1  & WAD & Dashboards(Xcelsius)and went live for production with Design studio 1.1,WAD,Dashboards …

Version 1.2 really starts to look and feel for me  like a product you can work with that allows you more complex functionality then just viewing reports.

I really like the dimension filter & filter panel functionality .I am also happy to see tab strip, pagebook, panel &  more graphs, the new option of  working over BO Universe is awesome


I can tell you that designing a Dashboard with Design Studio is very fast, and it can support mobile iOS.

When you are looking at Design Studio you can see the extreme resemblance to Bex Web Application Designer(at least for me)  , I worked with WAD in the past 8-10 years and have done some amazing web application stuff with it, I have extended the application with xml and java script coding and it was fun and doing the work.

When SAP  got into SAP Dashboard , suddenly everything started to be much easy, more sexy and lots of lots amazing functionality ( sometimes with the help of excel  ) it is an amazing and simple tool to work with, and lots of cool ad-on’s ,I don’t understand why SAP stops fixing him to HTML5

When I see Dashboard vs Design Studio, vs WAD, some of my current pain points are those:

1. If you want to have complex functionality you must use coding, you need to have developer skills, unlike Dashboards that doesn’t require development skills, why not developing those capabilities as Design Studio objects (like excel export etc.)

2. At least the users I am working with, has got used to the sexy 3d layout and functionality, which Design Studio do not have yet

3. The current version of Design Studio takes you back couple of years from BI perspective on the functionality side (like easy way to export, broadcast, and drill down,        dimension replacement etc.)

4. I am missing the “right click” functionality that was in the Bex WAD (I am sure in the future it will be)

5. Where is the basic data text information of when was the last time that the information has been refreshed, changed ,etc like WAD has.

5. Why in end of 2013 ,SAP still uses a local installation, why can’t it be a web application with no local installation (like webi, Analysis etc)

Design Studio supposed to be the tool that replaced WAD & Dashboard, it is a substantial task to do, there are lots of work yet to be done in the tool from development, functionality & capabilities side , I do not understand why SAP saying in all of their presentation that this is the tool for Dashboards while it is not ready to the market(from my point of view)

I will love hearing what you guys have to say, maybe I am wrong and need to see a different picture

P.S I attach simple Design Studio Dashboard I have created



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