This document describes the cancel pick scenario in EWM environment

Cancel Pick : In certain circumstances .if it is necessary to reverse a confirmed stock, users can perform cancel picking.


Configuration : Define warehouse process type for put away


Spro-img-SCM Extended Warehouse Management-Extended Warehouse Management-Goods Issue Process-Cancel Picking-Define Warehouse Process Type for Put back



Here warehouse process category should be ‘7’ in general settings.



In posting change settings posting change in bin should be ‘2’ (Posting Change Never in Storage Bin (Create Warehouse Order))







Define warehouse number control for put back:


Spro-img-SCM Extended Warehouse Management-Extended Warehouse Management-Goods Issue Process-Cancel Picking- Define Warehouse Number Control for Putback







Transaction code : /n/SCWM/CANCPICK


In this transaction we need to give the ODO/warehouse req (both are with same number) as a reference


Note: here for those ODO picking task is already confirmed and stock lies in GI staging area.


1. Release stock :


Here one ODO: 13509 is confirmed and stock lies in GI-ZONE (staging area)





Now we can go for the picking cancellation ( /n/scwm/cancpick)




It would required to release stock and send back to the respective bin

Click on release stock .




Once after click on the release stock,we need to move the stock in to the bin by ad hoc movement.


T Code : /n/scwm/adprod





in this transaction, we move the stock from the bin ‘GI-ZONE’ to bin ‘SHIR-02-02’.





Once we create + save the WT , warehouse order is created




Then confirm the warehouse order






Once after confirmed the WT, stock moved in to the destination bin




2. Release stock + create WT foreground





Here we can enter the qty &  put back warehouse process type ( 2011 ) ( if we want we can enter the partial qty also )


Then click on create+ save





Now go to monitor and check the warehouse order



Here destination bin determined by the storage type search sequence.


Spro-IMG- SCM Extended Warehouse Management- Extended Warehouse Management- Goods Receipt Process- Strategies- Storage Type Search- Specify Storage Type Search Sequence for Putaway


3. Release stock + create WT background:


T Code : /n/scwm/cancpick:


Once click on the release stock + create WT background option,one warehouse order can be created automatically


Then confirm the warehouse order, here also system determined the destination bin with storage type search sequence against the putback WPT 2011.




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